Creators and media have just played the Battlefield 2042 Beta – Here’s what they thought.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this article have been gathered from several individual creators who have wished to remain anonymous. Everything said in this article is just opinions unless stated otherwise.

Creators and media had the opportunity to play the Battlefield 2042 Beta today, with a strict NDA and embargo in place that will be lifted at 8AM BST on October 6.

However, several individuals who have played the Beta early have reached out to give their general first-hand impressions on the game so far.

We’ll be breaking down everything said in three different categories – The good, bad, and ugly.

The good are generally things that people believed to be good and didn’t need changing, the bad are things that needed to be changed and the ugly are things that likely can’t be addressed. 

It should be noted that every person playing the Battlefield Beta was on PC and it’s expected that DICE/EA will make some form of announcement tomorrow in regards to consoles and the Beta.

Battlefield 2042 Beta – The Good

The Graphics

Generally speaking everyone I spoke with was positive on the graphics of the game, but as expected, almost everyone said the game isn’t a massive graphical upgrade from past Battlefield titles.

With double the number of players from past Battlefield titles and maps being several times bigger, it’s clear that there had to be some trade-offs with in-game graphics for performance.

It should be mentioned though, that although the graphics were considered “good”, this could also be down to the hardware limitations of some PC builds.

The Tornado 

The Tornado seemed to be a highlight to a lot of people’s opinions on the game, with everyone reporting that it is an awesome in-game event that happens randomly and at different severity each time.

Due to this being a media and creator event, everyone ended up going to the tornado (likely for footage), but there were a couple of concerns that it could ruin the overall gameplay experience.

Battlefield 2042 Tornado


Destruction was my own concern with Battlefield 2042 and although the destruction isn’t what I originally teased, it is still there.

It’s similar to past Battlefield titles, with the “main event” such as the Rocket causing mass devastation to an area.

The tornado also causes destruction too by lifting up vehicles, debris, and players and flinging them across the map in all directions.

Buildings can be destroyed, but their main structured skeleton still remains to keep the map flow the same – We’ll have to wait until we get to play the other maps to really see how far destruction goes.

Battlefield 2042 Beta – The Bad


The new customization feature wasn’t to everyone’s standards during the short time they played, with many considering the in-game attachment change option as a gimmick.

It’s not entirely clear as to why the majority of the creators felt this way as it could be the case that they simply need to get used to the change, but it was something worth noting.

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Customization


As with a modern Battlefield title, comes verticality.

Although I wouldn’t personally consider Orbital as a “vertical map”, several people reported that looking on top of buildings and rooftops is a must. 

Even with a large number of air vehicles looming overhead, the grapple hook makes it easy for players to get a verticle advantage.

It’ll be interesting to see how verticality plays a role on the other maps with skyscrapers and other tall buildings. 

Weapon Balance 

None of the weapons have considerable recoil.

Several people reported that they could easily outshoot a sniper rifle (they have a MASSIVE glint, by the way) with an assault rifle at considerable distances. 

A lot of the automatic weapons have little recoil, which is a huge change compared to previous Battlefield titles if that’s by design.

Sound Design

It seems like the majority of gaming Beta’s have sound design flaws these days, but this was also an issue reported by several people.

I didn’t want to consider this “Ugly”, as players only had four hours to play the Beta, so getting used to the sound design might take a while.

Battlefield 2042 Beta – The Ugly

Map Size

Orbital is considered a moderate-sized map for Battlefield 2042, however, every person noted that the map was too big, even for 128 players.

The main feedback on the map is that there are too many open spaces and no cover, making infantry combat boring for a mode like Conquest. 

Some people even went as far as to say the maps were basically Open World.

This could be put down to the fact that according to data mined information from data miner Temporyal, the All-Out-War maps will also feature Hazard Zone.

It’s not entirely clear how DICE could fix this issue and it could play better in a different mode, but for Conquest, it seemed too big for many.

AI Players 

AI players are enabled during the Battlefield 2042 Beta and after even seeing first-hand footage myself, they are terrible.

I’d compare the bots to Christmas noobs that we’ve all experienced at one time or another during our time playing video games, because they don’t really seem to know what they are doing.

Side note: An AI player will automatically die once an actual player joins the lobby to replace it.

Battlefield 2042 Character Screen


Although optimization issues should be expected for a Beta, there were comments that many people needed to either turn their graphic settings down or suffer from poor frame rates. 

Two creators, both using a 2080Ti, reported that they could only get 80-90 FPS depending on the action on-screen at 1080p. 

A stark interest from Battlefield V, where this user managed to get an average of 200 FPS with a similar PC build.

Another player with a 3080 said that they felt like the game was stuttering a lot and they didn’t get the amount of FPS they would have expected with a high-end GPU (a Ryzen 9 3950x 16 core CPU).

The player had to resort to turning all of their settings down to medium settings and only achieved around 120FPS at 1440p.


Overall, the majority of the comments seemed to be positive about the Battlefield 2042 Beta, but several people were concerned that it could have a rough launch.

With the likes of poor optimization still plaguing the game on high-end PC’s, it’s not hard to see why people are concerned.

But it seems like we’re in for a fun premium title launch with Battlefield 2042, but DICE will need to address the bad and ugly elements in a timely manner.

Almost all of the creators said the game felt good and with the Battlefield 2042 Early Access Beta only a day away now, we’ll be able to experience it ourselves very shortly.

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