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Battlefield 2042 Early Access Release Date Confirmed After Delay

Battlefield 2042 just got a major delay, but now we finally know when Early Access players will be dropping into the game.

If you’re a Battlefield fan, chances are you’re extremely disappointed with the news that Battlefield 2042 is getting a delay.

Given that we’re yet to see much gameplay besides this leaked Battlefield 2042 Alpha footage and the game isn’t far from release, it’s hardly surprising. But still, it’s always sad to see a highly-anticipated title getting a delay so close to release.

Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

Now, we have a new Battlefield 2042 release date to eagerly await! But what’s happening to the game’s Early Access players?

Battlefield 2042 Early Access Release Date

If you purchase the Battlefield 2042 Gold or Ultimate Edition, you’re able to get Early Access to the upcoming title.

Now, Battlefield 2042 Lead Community Manager Freeman (AKA PartWelsh) is confirming that Early Access will begin on November 12.

This is still a full week earlier than other players, so you’re not missing out on any additional game time. However, if Battlefield 2042 isn’t ready for launch just yet, we hope this Early Access doesn’t run like an extended Beta…

And speaking of the upcoming trial, we just got a leak for the new Battlefield 2042 Open Beta release date! The bad news – it doesn’t look like it’s coming this month.

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Freeman confirms that the official Open Beta dates will arrive later in September. For now, at least we’re getting new details on Battlefield 2042 weapon customization and Hazard Zone!

Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

There’s also a major leak revealing all of the Battlefield 2042 Specialists that will be available at launch.

And we can see some new gameplay of 4 of the Battlefield Specialists in action, courtesy of EA itself.

But one Battlefield 2042 cheat provider is getting a huge boost in traffic, even before launch. Let’s hope that Battlefield 2042 Early Access folks won’t have to deal with cheater right out of the gate.

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