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Battlefield 2042 Designer Claims ‘Almost Everyone’ Still Working on Game

An EA Game Designer working at DICE has confirmed that “almost everyone” is still working on improving Battlefield 2042.

It has been almost six months since the launch of Battlefield 2042, the latest game in the Battlefield series.

The game received mediocre-at-best reviews and has now hit a new lowest peak on the Steam charts. Despite this, it seems the team is still working on improvements.

And while the lack of updates is concerning, a DICE Game Designer working on the game has now confirmed the number of people working on the latest entry.

battlefield 2042

Designer Reveals How Many People Are Working on Battlefield 2042

Frederik Drabert, a Game Designer working on Battlefield 2042, has confirmed that “almost everyone” is still working on the game.

Replying to a tweet from another user, Frederik Drabert, known as simply @FrederikDrabert on Twitter, stated that almost everyone was working on the title.

It’s unsure how many that is exactly, but DICE reportedly has just over 700 members of staff. That means there are plenty of employees working on improving the game.

Despite this, we’ve only recently heard more about Battlefield 2042’s update 4.0, which was originally set for early this month.

Battlefield 2042

While it’s good to know that DICE is busy working on fixing many of the issues, it’s concerning that updates aren’t as often as you would hope.

However, many fans of the Battlefield franchise don’t believe this is the case. They took to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit in response to the claims.

One user comments “I’m almost sure that 90% of them are rushing the next battlefield to try to fix their reputation”.

It’s unlikely we will know for certain if this is the case or not. We can hope that the game makes a turnaround.

If you’re still playing Battlefield 2042, find out more about what update 4.0 includes in the patch notes!

And while you’re here, find out more about the upcoming map changes in Battlefield 2042.

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