The delay announcement of Battlefield 2042 didn’t come as a surprise to those close to the project.

Cracks began to show for Battlefield 2042 after the game’s first major technical playtest in early August, with leaked footage and comments from those playing the game suggesting that the game was in a poor state.

Leaked information suggested that the build of the tech test was months old, but with no official word from EA or DICE on the build, it’s hard to say for certain how old the build actually is.

A week or so later, rumors started to swirl with some of my sources and connections that Battlefield 2042 was in a much worse state than was being conveyed.

Bugs and issues apparently plagued the game, which isn’t uncommon for a game at this stage of development, but the major issue on the PlayStation 5 during the technical playtest started to ferment those rumors even more.

Battlefield 2042 Delay

After several weeks, DICE and EA stayed silent on the project, with no public information given to the community on what exactly happened during the technical playtest and what was learned or address.

In fact, it was expected that DICE was staying silent due to a big reveal at Gamescom, but the reveal never came.

Gamescom was expected to reveal a new trailer in addition to the Beta date for the game on September 6th, however, Gamescom came and went and the official Battlefield Twitter resorted to posting a meme on September 1st about the Beta date.

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What’s interesting about September 1st, is that it was the date on which September’s plans were outlined, with EA’s Game Changers and media being told the beta would take place on September 22nd, with a capture event happening two days prior.

It’s unclear what exactly changed with the beta date, but a non-capture play session with creators happened on September 12th, with some creators expressing their concern about the game.

No official comment has been made from DICE or EA in regards to what happened at that event. However, whatever the case may have been, it resulted in internal talks to delay both the games launch and Beta on this past Monday and Tuesday.

Battlefield 2042 Tank

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Battlefield 2042 Development Issues

I’ve been told by several different people that the game has faced some hardship over the past several months, with Ripple Effect essentially picking up the pieces and fixing game-breaking bugs.

Of course, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact that not only the release of the game and the soon to be announced Beta delay is a cause for concern.

One developer from a different studio, but with contacts at DICE, has reported that the reason for the lack of communication thus far is being this game is set to “bring DICE back”, and they don’t want to ensure the issues that affected Battlefield V don’t happen again.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the narrative of Battlefield 2042 has changed from being “ahead of schedule” to being in a rough spot, with the global pandemic likely being the major cause.