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Battlefield 2042 Content Update Delayed to Fix Bugs, Says Leaker

DICE plans to improve the player experience by fixing Battlefield 2042 crash issues and bugs in an update, according to a leaker.

Battlefield 2042 is finally here, after months of waiting, some fantastic trailers, along with several leaks. But the game is far from perfect as several bugs and issues keep on disappointing the franchise fans.

Battlefield 2042 players are some of the most passionate gamers around. The game has already surpassed 40,000 Mostly Negative reviews on Steam.

Luckily, the game’s developers seem to be aware of the growing player complaints. And now want to focus on fixing the issues.

battlefield 2042 quality of life update

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Battlefield 2042 Will See a Quality of Life Update Before Content Patch

According to leaker Tom Henderson, DICE will be delaying the new content updates. Instead, they will now focus on improving the player experience with a Quality of Life update for Battlefield 2042.

As evident in the shared notes, DICE will be busy minimizing the Battlefield 2042 game crashing issues. Along with this, they will also optimize the game for better overall performance and stability.

Gameplay changes and balancing along with updates to the UI are a few of the things that could be coming with this Quality of Life update.

Although players found the Hovercraft issue to be hilarious, Battlefield 2042 was longing for a Quality of Life update fixing critical bugs in the game.

EA is yet to officially announce anything related to this leak. But with such an update in the works, we’re hoping that DICE rolls out a fix for Battlefield 2042’s terrible audio issue as well.

battlefield qol update patch

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Earlier this month, Battlefield 2042 players also reported low FPS issues, with the game’s performance not being up scratch.

Also, it appears that fans’ urging DICE to take back control is already in action. Following the above update leak, Tom Henderson also announced that DICE is hiring new people in their team.

To top that, Battlefield 2042 players were also able to pass through walls using the Dozer Shield.

Make sure you use these settings for a better experience, prior to the release of the Quality of Life update for Battlefield 2042:

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Bob Saget

Sunday 28th of November 2021

Just hurry on over to Hell Let Loose and behold Battlefield 1942 reborn anew as Battlefield V was supposed to be ANDTHENAWHOLELOT. Hell Let Loose blows battlefield out of the water there's no denying it.

Patrick Bateman

Saturday 27th of November 2021

Hmmm...delayed content in order to fix the where have we THAT before?

*Looks at the graves of BFV, Anthem and a man finishes SWBF2 and prepares 2042's grave*

Man, I stumped!