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Battlefield 2042 Community Is Happy That the Game Is Losing Players to Older Titles

Battlefield 2042 is currently losing a lot of players to older Battlefield titles – and fans seem happy about that fact!

It’s not hard to see that Battlefield 2042 wasn’t exactly what fans were hoping for. After some incredible trailers, the game simply didn’t manage to live up to its own hype.

Not only that, but the Battlefield 2042 Beta was broken for a lot of players, causing Battlefield fans to cancel their pre-orders.

Battlefield 2042

And EA’s continued focus on unpopular Specialists has a lot of people worried for the franchise’s future too. New leaks even suggest that the next Battlefield game will be a ‘hero shooter’.

Recently, we’ve been seeing Battlefield 2042 losing its player base fast. And now, it seems that fans are jumping back into their favorite older Battlefield games instead.

Battlefield 2042 Players Are Returning to Older Battlefield Games

Battlefield players are abandoning 2042, instead returning to older games in the franchise such as Battlefield 1 and 5.

It has only been a month and a half since the release of Battlefield 2042 and already fans are calling it quits. Lately, Battlefield 2042 players have been struggling to find a game, and many are giving up on the title entirely.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 5 has a higher player count than Battlefield 2042 on Steam right now, and for good reason. The older title is a ‘true’ Battlefield experience, more in line with what players want out of their shooter.

UPDATE: Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode Losing Players With Empty Servers

Now it seems that fans are happy that Battlefield 2042 is losing players to older titles. In a new post on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, fans comment on the state of the franchise:

battlefield 2042

“I’m happy to let 2042 die in order to save the franchise,” Reddit user BDFL writes. “A battle lost to win the war for Battlefield’s soul is well worth it in my opinion.”

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This sentiment is echoed by hundreds of Battlefield fans on the forum, which should be concerning for EA. Hopefully, the publisher decides to act fast to fix 2042’s issues, before it’s too late.

Battlefield 2042 fans are still demanding a voice chat and scoreboard feature this long after launch. And with players dropping like flies, many users believe Battlefield 2042 needs to go Free-to-Play to survive.

But at least new content is on the way, with the first Battlefield 2042 DLC map leaking early.

Unfortunately, the new map’s release date is still far away

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Sunday 9th of January 2022

I'm 52 and I've been playing Battlefield since Moses was a boy. I have a few things to say.

When EA/DICE decided to reboot (arrogant) the most successful Star Wars video game ever made (Battlefront), they removed the player classes from the original game. For times sake, I'll simply say they gutted 90% of a game from annolder generation and clearly tried to make a game where a 3 year old could jump in. They spent a ton on marketing and in a heart beat, the game was selling for $5. Did EA learn? Battlefront 2 came out advertising space battle as was seen in BF2. Did it have you able to fly, stay and repair or defend your mother ship, board the enemy mother ship and destroy from within? Oh no no, we are talking about EA here. Once again, the game was gutted. Both games failed to come remotely close to anticipated sales to make a laughable understatement. Battlefield 5 came out a year later. Now I know the game is getting some love now, but that's because 2042 is...well I'll get to that. Battlefield 5 deviated greatly. After years of closing the gap between BF and COD, they made a highly disappointing hybrid of BF and COD. Pre-orders cancelled and made news everywhere. Sales were so low that all future dlc was cancelled. You can't follow the excellent BFBC2, BF3, BF4, and for those who liked it (not for me), the polarizing BF1 and expect people to have liked BF5. Don't get me wrong. BF5 is a fun game, but EA decided they want to be someone else.

It's like asking your great grandmother if you should make this game or that game and she asks which makes more money and no further discussion about existing franchises and ownership takes place and you go with what she said.

So 3 times EA show that they don't actually have any idea what's going on and those in charge obviously don't play games. If they want to make a copy cat title, name it something else and let BF be BF. Oh but wait...they didn't do that with star wars. They have stockholder meetings to attend. Give it the same name for a quick extra buck and pretend the future where no one likes your franchise or trusts you will ever exist. I thought EA learned. A love letter to the fans. The successor to BF4. Then they created a game that was no longer BF in ANY capacity except the frostbite engine.

They told you they worked on it for three years (except that it turned out to be 1 year and 3 months). They also said they were 6 months ahead of schedule ha ha! They release the least functional beta I've ever seen. They said it was the game 3 months ago...turned out it was 5 weeks before. The maps were wide open we didn't really have time to make a game spaces. The graphical detail on the characters was 50% that if the old BF4! Not 85 weapons this time. 22. And the weapons were so much closer to each other. It was star wars battlefront all over again. Specialists were removed because that is in BF and EA want you to buy specialists and skins so they can have Fortnite. They included a gray haired lady, a transgender whatever, and made sure that both teams look identical. They made sure that every player can be SWBF. Lets let that 3 year old in. BF was calling the thinking man's shooter. And it was for years. EA have spiked the punch with pig vomit.

In regard to, "the game is just out...give it time" It is terrible that there is even one person who thinks games should be released before they are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT COMPLETE. Do you seriously know anyone who wants to buy a broken game and play their work in progress? But with 2042, if it was completely fixed, you would simply have a polished turd. I'm not saying there is zero fun to be had. It's still using frostbite and you can run around and shoot people. So those saying they are having fun, you're missing the point here.

This isn't a BF game. It's a totally totally different game using the frostbite engine and it's far more akin to other games than it's own namesake. When players leave this game for the complete failure of that says something.

I won't go into all the countless failures of's written everywhere and I agree with every word. This is the fourth time (in a row!!) that EA have done this and I can say, I will never trust them again. Never. I lived BF and I look forward to a great game from some other company.

Seeing EA's failure makes me happy as well. They deserve what's happening.

They have been working on the next BF for months now. What does that tell you? Everything.

Oh, and this whole BF universe bullcrap they announced is so dumb. It's just a bunch of companies making fps with a BF name. Some may be good and some bad. Do you seriously think the BF community should be split into multiple games? Ha ha My goodness, there's not a brain in the bunch over at EA. And the people they the writer for Halo. Halo has a great engine... Halo 1, 2, and 3 are remakes of Marathon 1, 2, and 3. Amazing how many kids don't know this. Long story short, a fun to play game with a crappy story will have a popular story. A crap game with the greatest story will have a story that no one hears. How many people are buying BF for the story? EA are again trying to find a different game while molesting their own formerly highly successful franchise.

It's over people. BF is permanently dead, no matter what they release. The very wrong people are both clueless and in charge. But there will be other games coming. And that's where we will go. ❤️


Monday 3rd of January 2022

Its not hard to find matches, since it is crossplay, pc Xbox and ps4, steam is only on pc.

Michael Rosario

Sunday 2nd of January 2022

What a waste battlefield 2042 truly sucks worst game of the year all the other battlefield were good games if I wanted to play fortnite I would have bought it very disappointed .campaign mode

The Red Eyed Jedi

Sunday 2nd of January 2022

I've been having no problems finding matches. Despite its problems, I have been having fun. Like, actual fun. So many people hating on this game it actually makes me sad because there's something enjoyable there but the devs and ea gotta stop trying to chase what's hot and realize that battlefield is a unique enough experience that they don't have to try and copy other big games styles to stay relevant.

Large scale battles, good levels and weapons, teamwork despite the chaos, vehicles and destruction. That's battlefield. That is all they need in my opinion. That is in BF2042 but you can tell they lost sight of bf's true identity. I'm keep playing and having fun while y'all whine. Been playing BF for over a decade and I still enjoy 2042.


Sunday 2nd of January 2022

I have been a bf fan from bf2 on. I can't see why people hate on bf 2042. It just came out. The graphics are amazing. Sure it's got some glitches. But as for any game. They get fixed. Stop being impatient, & give it time. I think it's actually pretty good. New maps down the road will be nice. I'm sure with the dlc's, there will be. I love it. Very cool game.


Friday 14th of January 2022

@Sweep, “I can’t see why people are hating on this car, it looks sweet and has a great engine, like come on guys, it just came out, give it time the transmission and AC will be working down the line.”