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Battlefield 2042 Cheat Provider Allegedly Shutting Down Due To Game Performance Issues

According to a recent report, a Battlefield 2042 cheat provider is allegedly calling it quits due to performance issues with the game.

Out of 2021, Battlefield 2042 is easily one of the rockiest launches of the year. After weeks from its launch, players still complain about issues identified during its beta stages.

The lack of features such as voice chat and leaderboards certainly annoyed long-time fans of the franchise. In fact, gamers are so unhappy with Battlefield 2042 that its player count is overtaken by Battlefield 1 on Steam.

EA and DICE have addressed several concerns a multitude of times. Unfortunately, the player count continues to decrease rapidly.

The game’s current state seems to be unappealing, not only to gamers. Recent reports claim cheat manufacturers might be on the same boat.

Battlefield 2042 Cheat Provider Allegedly Suspend Its Services Due to Performance Issues

According to reports, a cheat provider stated through Discord it plans to halt Battlefield 2042 cheat distribution.

The leaked Discord image shows how the provider is canceling renewals for new Battlefield 2042 cheats subscriptions.

The communication clarifies that this decision was based on Battlefield 2042’s performance issues affecting the cheats.

Furthermore, this message states that another prominent factor in making this decision is the lack of interest in the game.

One undeniable thing is the rapid decline in players’ interest in the game. Some Battlefield 2042 players want EA and DICE to scrap the game, as they do not believe it is salvageable.

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Battlefield 2042 cheat provider

The situation with Battlefield 2042 is so dire that gamers continue requesting refunds weeks after launch.

Also, as the player count decreases, matchmaking times in Battlefield 2042 are getting insanely long. This situation is especially when it is not a peak hour.

Battlefield 2042 has caused some concerns of long-time fans of the series, who fear this title could be the “death” of the Battlefield franchise.

As this fear grows, many players plot to boycott the game as a protest against EA.

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Comments 8



Sunday 16th of January 2022

This is great news for the current player base. Good riddance to bad rubbish i.e. the cheat developers.

Are we supposed to feel sorry the cheat developers? Their woe-is-me attitude here demonstrates exactly how mentally out-of-touch they are with the real world. Sick in the head.

Angel - does it again

Sunday 16th of January 2022

Don't be sad, this is just how it works out sometimes.


Friday 14th of January 2022

Oh no, the cheaters are leaving? What ever shall I do? Good riddance. The game is better without cheating losers. And the game isn’t even as bad as all these crybabies are making it out to be, I’m guessing it’s mostly PC players. It plays pretty good on PS5. Let these little whiners cry while the rest of us that enjoy it can continue to do so.

Alexander Paximadis

Thursday 13th of January 2022

Everyday negative critics, about a game that is not so bad.We find players every day to play though. Like any other game is perfect and this one has everything bad.


Sunday 16th of January 2022

@Exal7ed, Game has been patched since then, like many others. Not a realistic opinion.

[email protected]

Thursday 13th of January 2022

@Alexander Paximadis, I agree with U, also BF2042 I rarely found any cheater. I'm living in Asia region, BF1 and BFV is unplayable here in Asia server.

Maybe next BF should try about Vietnam theme (again) or korean war.


Thursday 13th of January 2022

@Alexander Paximadis, There is everyday negative critics for a very clear reason. The game is absolutely shambles and for developers to blame a toxic player base of wanting too much is a ballsy move to me. I understand big pressure from a "toxic community" and upper management or whatnot can make you lose the head a bit.

I'm not a hardcore fan, but I have loved the BF franchise a lot. If this games for you, fair enough I can't dig you on that. I played this on the Xbox free weekend on PC and I really tried to like it, but I cant.


Thursday 13th of January 2022

And the subreddit shadowban us now, to silence the unhappy voices.