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Battlefield 2042 Cheat Provider Gets Huge Boost in Traffic Before Beta

One cheat provider is seeing a huge uptick in interest for Battlefield 2042 hacks as we approach the game’s Beta.

Battlefield 2042 is one of the biggest games still to launch this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. However, if there’s one thing that might put a dampener on things, it’s the prospect of cheaters ruining the game.

Right now, hackers and cheaters are ruining Warzone, to the point where many fans have stopped bothering with the game completely. And although Warzone has a new anti-cheat on the way with Vanguard‘s launch, it could well be too little too late.

We were rather hoping that Battlefield 2042 would avoid similar issues.

However, several days ago we reported that Battlefield 2042 cheats are already available, with wallhacks, aimbots, and more!

Battlefield 2042 Manifest Map
(Source: EA)

Thankfully, the Battlefield 2042 Technical Playtest anti-cheat is showing promise already. But will it be enough to deal with a horde of hackers on launch day?

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It seems that Battlefield 2042 cheats are already popular, even before the game is officially out. Perhaps we’ll see some of them surface in the game’s Beta next month.

Recently, insider Tom Henderson claims to have spoken to a hack provider about their recent advertisement of Battlefield 2042 cheats. And their answer doesn’t give us much hope about the state of the upcoming title:

“Yeah, that game is f*cked,” the cheat provider (Via Henderson) claims. “We have seen a 400% rise in website traffic and sign-ups in August over July, with a large amount of that coming from BF 2042 searches”

Of course, we’re just going off both Henderson and an unknown cheat provider’s word here. All this information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, it’s worth noting that while Battlefield certainly has better anti-cheat than Warzone, it’s not flawless. And players report that Battlefield 5 has some major cheater issues, particularly on PC.

Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

You can actually get Battlefield 5 for free right now, in the lead-up to Battlefield 2042’s launch! And you can even unlock a new Legendary skin for Irish in Battlefield 2042 today!

At the very least, we expect Battlefield 2042 to handle the hacker problem significantly better than Warzone, for the simple reason that it has a premium paywall. We can’t see a lot of hackers shelling out $60-70 per ban if EA is on top of anti-cheat for the first few months at least.

Here’s how to make sure you’re involved in the Battlefield 2042 Beta which should be launching next month.

The game appears so popular already that Xbox fans are uninterested in Call of Duty Vanguard, thanks to Battlefield 2042!

So far, all we have to go off besides trailers is some leaked gameplay from the Battlefield 2042 Technical Preview.

However, another recent leak just revealed all Specialist gadgets coming to Battlefield 2042!

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