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Battlefield 2042 Beta Release Date Was Delayed, Claims Insider

A reliable insider claims that the Battlefield 2042 Beta was delayed, with the original release date supposed to be today!

Battlefield 2042 is possibly the most highly-anticipated game in the world right now. However, very few gamers have actually been able to play it so far.

Despite the Battlefield 2042 beta appearing on the PlayStation database, there is still no release date in sight.

What’s more, an insider claims that the Beta was actually set to launch today, but it has been pushed back to later this month.

But, before you check out the details, be sure to find out how to play the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Beta Delayed?

We previously reported a leak that the Battlefield 2042 beta was launching on September 6. However, a gaming insider has now revealed why we haven’t heard anything about it yet.

Trusted voice in the gaming community, Tom Henderson, has already leaked the Battlefield 2042 Beta release date. However, now, he has revealed that the Beta was “meant” to launch today.

In a new tweet, Henderson claims that EA delayed the Battlefield 2042 beta from the initially planned date. He says that September 6 was “meant” to be the Beta start date, but knows that it has now been pushed back until the 22nd.

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The reasons for the supposed delay are unknown, but Henderson believes that the original Beta date was likely September 6. This is because Amazon Germany started sending out beta codes over the last few days, possibly in preparation for a September 6 Beta.

EA has not confirmed that it decided to delay the Battlefield 2042 Beta, however, it does seem likely. Regardless, players will be able to enjoy their first time playing the game very soon.

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Meanwhile, check out all of the Battlefield 2042 launch maps. Let’s hope a couple of these are playable in the beta.

Also, let’s hope the game has a good anti-cheat system. Gamers can already buy Battlefield 2042 hacks.

Finally, the upcoming Battlefield Mobile game has appeared on the Google Play Store. You’ll want to check this out!

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Monday 6th of September 2021

Personally I only play the campaigns once (around 10hrs content if we're lucky) then play 3,000hrs+ on multiplayer. I'd rather they focus all resources on multiplayer, especially ever evolving things like BF Portal than make some crappy once-done campaign. We won't miss you Bill :P

Bill Elliott

Monday 6th of September 2021

I don't care since it's multiplayer only. I enjoy multiplayer, but love the campaigns. No campaign = no sale.