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Battlefield 2042 Beta Does Not Have a Release Date, Reveals EA

The Battlefield 2042 Beta appears to be all anyone cares about right now, but don’t expect a release date just yet.

We just finished playing the official Call of Duty Vanguard Alpha and we’re hungry for more news games. It hasn’t been long since the last Halo Infinite Public Flight, but there’s still one more AAA shooter that’s awaiting news.

After months of waiting, we still don’t know exactly when the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta will be. We know that September is the goal, but now as we arrive in the target month, EA is still holding back information.

Things are beginning to look a bit concerning, as we have currently seen very little in the way of Battlefield 2042 gameplay. Of course, there was the official Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer, but even much of that was simply elaborate in-engine footage.

Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

In fact, the only true representation we’ve seen of the game so far was this leaked Battlefield 2042 Alpha gameplay. And although we shouldn’t expect the final product to look anything like that, it’s worrying that it was our first official look at the game.

Interestingly those who leaked the Battlefield 2042 gameplay will be banned from the game forever.

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Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Date

In a new tweet by EA, the publisher reveals that the Battlefield 2042 Beta does not have a release date yet.

Lately, rumors have been creeping around about the possibility of a Battlefield 2042 Beta next week. But if that’s indeed the plan, it would seem that EA is strongly denying it.

Replying to fan account Battlefield Roundup, EA Help had this to say:

“Unfortunately, no date has been set just yet but we will be sure to update you as soon as possible”

The account even teased the upcoming date by playing into Battlefield Roundup’s Jedi Mindtrick before coming to its senses and saying “nice try, you almost got me.”

It looks as though we’re going to be waiting a while to learn more about the upcoming Battlefield 2042 Beta. Perhaps the recent Technical Playtest revealed new issues that the team needs to work on to get the game ready for launch.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode Battle Royale
(Source: EA)

After all, with only 6 weeks still to go before Battlefield 2042’s release date, there’s not long to prepare. And we still don’t know much about Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Mode even now!

However, the Battlefield 2042 Beta has already appeared on the PlayStation database!

One possible reason that the Beta is already delayed is the fact that Battlefield 2042 cheats are already available. Reportedly, one Battlefield 2042 cheat provider is seeing a huge boost in traffic, promising that aimbot and wallhacks will be ready by the Beta.

Although Battlefield 2042 has an excellent anti-cheat, perhaps EA is working hard to ensure that this won’t be a problem at launch. After all, gamers have been quitting Warzone over similar concerns.

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Tuesday 31st of August 2021

Open Beta starts on 4th September,free to all on the 6th.


Tuesday 31st of August 2021

Sheesh, how is this an article? "we're hungry for more news games." wow guys.


Tuesday 31st of August 2021

Why would EA Help know? Clickbait

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