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Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass Details Revealed

Fans can look forward to new Battle Pass content every season in Battlefield 2042.

Battle Passes have quickly become standard for multiplayer games. Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Apex Legends all have very popular Battle Passes and now Battlefield is joining in too.

This is great news for all you Battlefield fans who want loads of content throughout the game’s life cycle.

But first, find out how to watch the Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer.


Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass Contents

Now that the Battlefield 2042 release date has been revealed, some new details about the upcoming Battle Pass system in Battlefield 2042 have been found in a leak on the Origin store too.

The listing says that Battlefield 2042 will have 4 Battle Passes per year. Therefore, each will presumably last 3 months.

It also mentions a “year 1 pass” indicating that EA plans to support Battlefield 2042 with new content for multiple years. This is great news for fans of the series.

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In addition to that, the Battle Pass will feature “new specialists”. These will most likely be totally new soldiers, similar to Call of Duty’s operators.

Unfortunately, the other items included in the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass are not known at this time. Although you can probably expect more weapon skins and items to personalize your chosen soldier or equipment.

After all, we already know that Battlefield 2042 will have loads of weapon and gadget customization options.

Tom Henderson

Meanwhile, players won’t have to wait long to drop into the new Battlefield. A leak suggests that the Battlefield 2042 Alpha is coming next month.

Also Battlefield 2042 will release on PS4 and Xbox One as well as next-gen, but there’s a catch.

Finally, yet another leak has also revealed that Battlefield 2042 could release on Game Pass. This is huge for Xbox players.

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