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Battlefield 2042 64 Player Modes Have Killed 128 Player All Out Warfare

Some Battlefield 2042 players are claiming that the 128 player All Out Warfare is dead following the new 64 player Conquest and Breakthrough game modes.

Battlefield 2042 has had a ridiculous amount of issues so far and, unfortunately, it is driving plenty of players away.

After Battlefield 2042 hit an all-time low player count on Steam, the number of players continued to drop. And different game modes were affected.

First, players reported that Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone was totally dead and then there were also major issues with an extremely low player count in Battlefield Portal too.

Both of these made it difficult for players to find games in these modes. However, this problem has now extended to All Out Warfare thanks to some limited-time game modes.

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 All Out Warfare Has Low Player Count

One of the biggest complaints with Battlefield 2042 is that 128 players is way too big. However, the latest update changed that.

DICE has finally added 64 player All Out Warfare playlists for a limited time only and they have gone down really well with the player base.

In fact, players love it so much that they are demanding permanent 64 player Conquest and Breakthrough modes in Battlefield 2042.

However, this success has come at a cost. The standard All Out Warfare Playlists are suffering in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042

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Many players on the Battlefield subreddit are reporting that they can’t load into games even at peak times. Redditor u/Mikegibson1391 says that he can’t get into a game of 128 player Breakthrough even at peak times on Xbox.

Many players agree that they are struggling to get into standard All Out Warfare games in Battlefield 2042 too. This s a major problem as these are supposed to be the core game modes.

Hopefully, the player count can stay high enough in 128 player All Out Warfare for players to enjoy Battlefield 2042 and select the mode they want to play.

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Meanwhile, DICE has delayed the Battlefield 2042 content updates to fix all of the critical issues in the game. The studio certainly has its work cut out if it wants to save Battlefield 2042 before it’s too late.

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Comments 28



Thursday 6th of January 2022

I feel frustrated that the game is not bullet proof and released when it was. I could have waited.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

I'm unsubscribing. This person can't piece together a decent article for the life of them. Who tf would use REDDIT as a source or truth lmao. I'm out. GamingIntel, you need to start reading this sh!t before paying these people hahahaha what a joke.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Is this journalism or just someone adding 10,000 more words to a post from the cesspool that is the 2042 reddit? Cause 128 player isn't "dEaD" all. I play it every day. Never seen a bot and never have an issue finding a match.

Sunday 26th of December 2021

Pretty sure you mean for console cause I'm on xbox and with crossplay on its easy to find 128 matches but with crossplay off its hard to find them end up playing with mostly bots till it fills out


Saturday 25th of December 2021

Not sure why you say 128 is dead. I get 128 games faster than 64 games all day long.