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Battlefield 2042 Drops Below 1000 Players on Steam Ahead of April Update

Battlefield 2042 players clearly aren’t sticking around, as the game falls below 1000 concurrent users on Steam.

Tomorrow marks 5 months since the disastrous launch of Battlefield 2042, and things haven’t been going well for the game ever since then.

After all, the game is yet to even launch its Season 1 update, making those who paid extra for the Season Pass very unhappy. The game has also had no real content added to it since November, and the Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard only arrived last month.

If you load into a game right now, matchmaking takes some time and most of the lobby will be AI anyway. And it even seems that Battlefield 2042 players believe that EA is hiding AI among the ‘real’ players too.

Battlefield 2042 Sniper

DICE has promised a big April update coming to Battlefield 2042 that aims to tackle some of the game’s biggest issues. But so far, we have no word on exactly when in the month that fix will release.

Meanwhile, the Battlefield 2042 player count is dropping below 1000 users on Steam.

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Battlefield 2042 Player Count Hits a New Low

Just 5 months after the game’s launch, Battlefield 2042 has finally dropped below 1000 players, according to SteamCharts.

That’s not to say that there are just 1000 users playing the game total. After all, people could be playing Battlefield 2042 on Origin, and console numbers are much harder to track.

But it’s very telling that the fan base is dropping so quickly. On SteamCharts, the site reports that the title had a peak of 2411 players over the weekend, despite having an all-time peak of over 100,000.

But will the April update be enough to bring any players back to the game? We’re not so sure.

After all, these map changes are coming to Battlefield 2042 in Season 1 – but not in this month’s update.

If you remember back to the February announcement, Season 1 is actually delayed until Summer.

Battlefield 2042 Steam Player Count

In the April update, players should expect a reduction to the number of dominant vehicles on the map at one time, as well as “a few hundred changes.”

Recently, 230,000 gamers signed a petition to get EA to refund Battlefield 2042 for all players. It seems that most users have given up on getting their money back now, but it’s unlikely that the game will ever get its redemption story either.

Meanwhile, we recently got new leaks for Battlefield 2042’s upcoming Season 1 map. But at this rate, only a handful of people will ever play it.

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Thursday 21st of April 2022

Well its the 22nd of April downloaded update but still cant get game! I paid $150 AUS for game on its release and now I cant get nowhere, its a hard kick to the privates to say the very least! Feel hardcore scammed and really looks like I will never ever buy anything from these muppets again!