Top Five Tips and Tricks in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds | PUBG Tips for Beginners

Top Five Tips and Tricks in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds | PUBG Tips for Beginners

It’s been about six months since one of the biggest games in the world launched, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Ever since its highly anticipated launch the game has received masses of attention and with thousands of new players joining the game each day, we’ve got five of the best PUBG tips and tricks for beginners to get you off to a high start.

Top Five PUBG Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Avoid Crowded Places

Towards the start when you’re forced to parachute out the plane it’s always best to get off to a good start, however going to the places featuring all the good loot and weapons isn’t always the best idea. Taking the chance to gain the good loot and avoid combat at the same time is too risky. An alternative tactic is to fly out to isolated houses that are closer to the edge of the map. This will minimise the chances of being crept up on.

Avoid Combat If Possible

As the blue zone shrinks the chances of being engaged in combat increase. However as mentioned above, at the very start when parachuting there is a high chance of combat if you don’t play your tactics right. Towards the start it’s better to fly to the edges of the map and then gradually make your way to the circle to reduce the chance of someone coming up behind. As the blue zone gets smaller it’s pretty hard to be able to avoid combat. Buildings can be used as a way to avoid combat. But beware, unless you’re very lucky you will have to move out sooner than later. Another tactic employed by more advanced PUBG players is to get to the opposite side of the circle from the beginning. This theoretically reduces the chance of seeing other players as most players won’t deviate too far from where they land.

Always Close Doors

When entering a house players are much more likely to visit it when the doors are shut otherwise they’ll believe the loot has been taken. This may not seem to help that much but wasting the enemy’s time can be the difference between a loss and a chicken dinner.

Be Aware After Driving Vehicles

A common error we see is the lack of awareness players have after driving a vehicle. Usually after parking the vehicle near a house you can bet your bottom dollar someone is waiting for you or has heard the noise of the car engine.

Hold ‘ALT’ When Running

When holding ‘ALT’ whilst you’re running is of utmost importance. If you haven’t been using it already you weren’t turn back. It allows you to check if anyone is chasing you or if any enemies are lurking in the distance without changing your running direction.

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