Top 5 PUBG Tips on Xbox One for Christmas Noobs

Top 5 PUBG Tips for Christmas Noobs - Xbox One

Christmas Eve is upon us and that only means one thing, Christmas day is just hours away! Every Christmas fans receive their much loved games as presents. We’ve just seen the launch of one huge new game in the Gaming industry, PUBG on Xbox One. You can certainly expect to see many Christmas Noobs on this game so that’s why we have the top 5 PUBG tips on Xbox One for Christmas Noobs below.

What are Christmas Noobs?

Christmas Noobs are players who most likely receive a popular game as a present for Christmas and are very basic and new to it. Therefore experienced players who’ve played the game for longer will be able to take advantage and increase their position on the leaderboards. For example, we expect PUBG on Xbox One to feature many noobs meaning that players who know our top 5 PUBG tips for Xbox One below can increase their amount of Winner Winner Chicken Dinners!

Top 5 PUBG Tips on Xbox One for Christmas Noobs

#1 – Hold RB to see Third Person

One of the most important tips in PUBG we’ve come across is holding RB to see third person. This means that players can sprint ahead in the same direction whilst looking behind at the same time to reduce the chances of being shot in the back.

#2 – Drive Vehicles Until Patched

On PUBG Xbox One players have been experiencing many connectivity issues including laggy servers, poor matchmaking and more. We’ve come across another tip due to the lag meaning that players can roam around in vehicles and unless you’re in direct completion with someone who’s extremely talented at the game, you can bet your bottom dollar they’d have no chance of killing you. This case is specifically on Xbox One, due to PC being very smooth to play so they could kill you much easier.

#3 – Health goes down faster when outside the blue circle later in game

In a recent patch the developers introduced an update which made players’ health go down much faster when outside the blue circle later in the game. Towards the start of the game if you’re outside the blue circle you will not lose an unreal amount of health, however this soon changes later on.

#4 – Shotguns are effective

With the extreme lag for Xbox One shotguns have been much more effective.

#5 – Always be on the move

Our final tip is to always be on the move as once again due to the lag if you’re running at speed it’s much harder to be shot.

Many of these tips will soon go out the window when PUBG decide to release an update to patch the laggy servers, however until then these are the best ways to get them Winner Winner Chicken Dinners on Xbox.


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