The real reason PUBG gunplay is currently broken

PUBG Recoil Test vs FPS Issue

A huge new issue has surfaced regarding the gunplay in PUBG, which effectively proves it to be random and broken. It is no secret that PUBG needs improving on many levels, especially to keep up with the competition of Fortnite, Apex Legends and Blackout. However, the game has a unique feel to it and despite its issues it still has a loyal player base.

The issue links back to hardware and how many FPS the game is running at. This is particularly worrying with PUBG since it is played at a competitive level, the randomness of this issue will effect vital situations in each game which should otherwise be decided on skill.

How FPS effects gunplay in PUBG

YouTuber WackyJacky101 has previously demonstrated that weapons with high rate of fire are greatly effected by low FPS. Testing various weapons between 180FPS, 60FPS and 30FPS showed how the rate of fire was limited the lower the FPS were.

However, the issue goes much deeper than first thought. Reddit user u/MutuTutu provides further analysis, which proves to be far more comprehensive. Further testing has revealed the fire rate compared with the FPS is more important and how the multiple of the fire rate divides into the FPS. MutuTutu states:

“You can increase your Fire Rate by up to like 10% and get more consistent recoil by locking Frames.”

The technical analysis in fact proved that higher frames does not necessarily lead to a higher fire rate. Let’s take the AK47 as an example which shoots at 10 times per second, this syncs perfectly into 30FPS and 60FPS but has a very different outcome with 31 or 61.

Comparison between 70 and 71 FPS for AK:

AK47 70fps vs 71fps PUBG
AK47 demonstration via u/MutuTutu

Comparison between 72 and 73 FPS for SCAR:

SCAR 72fps vs 73fps PUBG
SCAR demonstration via u/MutuTutu

Why this isn’t good for competitive PUBG

This analysis proves gunfights will be unfair and creates a seemingly random fire rate. To have the most important part of the game rely on your frames being synced with your weapons fire rate is unacceptable in a competitive match and very frustrating for recreational players.

The issue deepens in certain in-game situations. WackyJacky101 astutely recognises that a player could be looking out of a city, at a player looking into the city. If these two engage in a gunfight then the player looking out into a less frames intensive view will have an advantage with a more stable, likely higher fire rate compared to the player looking in.

MutuTutu created a spreadsheet which can be found in the Full Reddit post and states the optimal values for each weapon to decrease this issue as much as possible.

In conclusion, PUBG needs to improve their game if it is to be taken seriously on a competitive level. Optimising and locking frames to synchronise with fire rates is a good solution but it is unacceptable that players need to go to these sort of lengths for a stable gunfight environment.

Full video from WackyJacky101:

*Featured image a screenshot of the demonstration from the above video.


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