PUBG Xbox One Release Date, Price, Xbox One X Enhanced & Pre-Order Details CONFIRMED


The wait is finally over! In Xbox’s Paris Games Week livestream they announced something very special, something we had all been waiting for. The PUBG Xbox One Release Date has now been officially confirmed along with it’s price! We’ll truly see how good PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is when it launches on the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Enhanced especially for the Xbox One X. Check out the official PUBG Xbox One Release Date, Price, Pre-Order details, Physical Release info and Controls below.

PUBG Xbox One Release Date & Price

PUBG arrives on the Xbox One December 12th, 2017 for $29.99, which is a very similar price to what it currently is on Steam.

Xbox One X Enhanced

There is no doubt that whatever the console, PUBG is one amazing game however in a recent tweet on our PUBG Twitter, the Xbox One X Enhanced Games List didn’t confirm that the game would be 4K Ultra HD despite them clearly saying that it will be at the end of the trailers. This will likely be changed or altered, nevertheless it’ll be very interesting to see the final result of this. PUBG will however be 100% HDR for the Xbox One X.

Pre-Order Details

Xbox announced three special purchases that will be coming to PUBG. The Warrior Pack, the PUBG Accessory Pack and the PUBG Tracksuit Pack will all be arriving exclusively to Xbox!

PUBG Xbox One Release Date, Price, Pre-Order & Xbox One X Enhanced Details CONFIRMED


Here’s a look at the Player Unknown Battlegrounds Controls for Xbox.

PUBG Xbox One Controls

Physical Release

One thing that has been mention for PUBG on the Xbox One was a Physical Release for the game. Unfortunately we didn’t hear anything regarding the PUBG Physical Release for Xbox One, however we expect to see more soon.

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