NEWS: PUBG Will Eventually Have a Physical Release For Xbox One

PUBG Physical Release

Ever since the launch of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds it’s been a huge success and with its major milestone of 10 million copies sold worldwide and two million active players recorded on the game at one time it’s seemingly becoming to be one of the biggest games in the world right now! Player Unknown himself (Brendan Greene) made an announcement that PUBG will eventually have a physical release! Although he did say it wasn’t something he imagined four years ago he confirmed that a PUBG physical release is something he definitely wants to do for Xbox One!

In the interview Brendan only mentioned a PUBG physical release for Xbox One, we are yet to receive any news whether we’ll see a PC physical copy anytime in the near future. With nothing yet said about an exact release date for a physical PUBG release on Xbox One it’s likely we’ll see it soon after it launches.

PUBG is still without an exact release date on Xbox One so it’s likely we won’t see much more news for a while, however it’s always nice for the die-hard fans to receive some reassurance. Also for the players hoping to receive intel on whether PUBG will ever come to PS4 this makes it more and more unlikely.

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