PUBG VS Fortnite Battle Royale | Comparison

PUBG VS Fortnite Battle Royale | Comparison

Since day one of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds the hype and success has always continued to rise especially with it passing the huge milestone of ten million players and over two million active users a short while ago! Fortnite Battle Royale has recently launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC and has already smashed through the huge milestone of ten million players! In just such as short space of time (five months) PUBG hit the special ten million which most games have never even been close to however in less than one month Fortnite Battle Royale showed just how much of a threat their game really is to PUBG, although this is partly because of PUBG playable at a price and with it yet to have arrived to Xbox One! Check out all the similarities and differences of PUBG VS Fortnite Battle Royale below.

It’s fair to say that PUGB and Fortnite Battle Royale are the same concept type games, one hundred players are forced to parachute into a map and survive to make it to #1. Although it seems like Fortnite have made a very similar game to PUBG, there are a few differences.

PUBG VS Fortnite Battle Royale


Despite them both having a similar concept Fortnite have showed that they both aren’t completely the same, for example different weapons, characters and more.

  • In Fortnite players are forced to fly out of a battle bus instead of the plane in PUBG.
  • Fortnite allows more freedom and capabilities, for example players can collect resources (wood, stone and metal) to build themselves bases, defences or to high ground.
  • In Fortnite one feature that isn’t available in the game is the ability to be able to drive vehicles, as they are usually used as objects and effect to collect resources whereas in PUBG players can get behind the wheel.
  • Fornite also offers the ability to be able to pick up traps and use them to take out the enemy unlike PUBG.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale offers more reward for getting your first victory royale, for example each first victory will unlock the umbrella instead of the normal glider. Despite these rewards there is no better feeling than a winner winner chicken dinner in PUBG!


  • One hundred players in each game.
  • Both games consist of three types of game modes (singles, duos and squads)
  • The main objective in both games is to try and survive until the end.

Despite the immense competition between these two games we have to agree that both teams have made a very good job!

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