Will We Ever See a PUBG Snow Map? | Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds


We’ve just witnessed the arrival of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One, and also with PC 1.0 becoming live featuring a New PUBG Map, Miramar! Players will agree that the PUBG Xbox One launch wasn’t the best and smoothest due to the number of matchmaking and frame rate issues, however the New Desert Map on PC has in fact become a huge success in just less than a week since it’s launch. Fans have made their opinions known with the huge demand for a PUBG Snow Map to arrive. If such plans were to go ahead we could be in for an exciting treat.

Unfortunately due to PUBG having many issues and updates to add to their Xbox One version, we may not see the likes of a PUBG Snow Map take place until late 2018. Despite it still being early days, Reddit User ‘FxOxAxD’ posted a fan made Map concept design of what he thinks this could possibly look like.

PUBG Snow Map

We also saw another fan made concept design from an Imgur User named ‘Ravenseyestudios.’

PUBG Snow Map | Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Whatever PUBG do have in stock for us, we think it’s fair to say that it’ll still be incredible no matter what it is. If they were to bring us a Snow Map in PUBG by popular demand we’d expect it to be around about the same size as Erangel and Miramar and with a number of different areas and towns. In the latest Map update they decided to treat fans to some new vehicles and weapons, which in this case would most likely fit the theme of Winter and Snow. The game isn’t even fully complete on the Xbox yet so we can’t expect something like this for some time and nothing has been confirmed, but stay tuned.

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