PUBG Bans 100,000 Players for Cheating, all at Once

PUBG Bans 100,000 Players for Cheating, all at Once

PUBG are putting cheaters within their game as their number one priority. The company have recently banned 100,000 players who were thought to be taking advantage of the disturbing cheating methods available in the game.

PUBG arrived on the Xbox One on December 12th. They have recently just passed the incredible milestone of 4 million players and 3 million concurrent users on Steam / PC.

In a tweet by ‘The Battl Eye’ they confirmed that over 1.5 million players have been banned. It’s thought there are approximately 40 million players across pc and xbox one, so you could imagine that 1.5 million is pretty high considering that’s around about a one in twenty five chance of encountering a cheater in your game. As you can see PUBG have no interest in banning players accounts, however to make the community a better environment they have no choice.

It’s great making Player Unknowns Battlegrounds a fair game without any cheaters, however some players seem to have claimed that they have been punished for something they haven’t done. Of course developers do sometimes make mistakes, and therefore some players are correct although beware that if PUBG have any suspicions of you using cheat software they won’t hesitate at all when banning you. Below we’ve got solutions for how you should reach out to PUBG for being banned and how to stay a genuine account.

“We recently discovered a new pattern of cheats in action. This week, we performed a thorough gameplay data review of 10 million players and completed analysis of tens of millions of data logs. Through this exercise, we were able to identify over 100,000 instances of the new pattern related to use of cheat and now we have confirmed that it was clearly an attempt of compromising our game. These players will be permanently banned in a single wave.”

How to keep your account safe

Obviously using cheat systems will get your account banned without a doubt, and rightly so! Although there are other ways which can cause suspicions to your account, such as exploiting a glitch found in the game. As tempting as it may be when coming across a glitch, whether it’s going under the map or something completely different, do not get drawn in. It’ll feel a lot better when you don’t have the worry about your account being taken down, especially when PUBG launch their next cheat investigation on players.

Consequences of cheating in PUBG

The usual consequence of cheating will result in a temporary / permanent ban to your account. If PUBG feel it was a much serious matter of cheating further consequences will take place. Not only does cheating ruin the game for yourself and leaves you in a high risk of your account being taken down, it also wrecks the game for others.

How to help get your account back

As mentioned above, it sometimes occurs that innocent players accounts have been banned for cheating when they have had no involvement. As unique as this may be there is still a way to discuss your issue to the PUBG community on Steam.

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