Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map Locations Reportedly Leaked

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map Locations

Although Infinity Ward is yet to confirm the prospect of Battle Royale in Modern Warfare, new details regarding the mode have reportedly been leaked. A new rumor from TGR – a popular YouTuber within the community – might have detailed the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale map locations.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Locations – Remade Multiplayer Maps

The map will reportedly feature fan-favorite locations from previous Call of Duty titles, in addition to an array of other aspects. It is similar to Blackout in this sense but is completely different in size. Although Blackout isn’t necessarily a small map, Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale map is supposedly 2.5 times bigger – featuring ‘mountains towering above you and large cities’.

There are around 35 locations, from portions of the Co-Op missions to an array of remade maps from past games in the franchise. It’s a map like we’ve never seen before, claims the YouTuber. Here’s the list of locations returning so far:

  • Shipment
  • Scrapyard
  • Wetwork
  • Vacant
  • Rust
  • Broadcast
  • Gulag
  • Backlot
  • Boneyard
  • Terminal (This is not a direct remake. The airport section features some parts from Terminal instead.)

PLEASE NOTE: Not all of these locations are set to arrive on launch, some may be held back as post-launch content. Similar to Blackout, Modern Warfare Battle Royale will be updated regularly with new content and points of interest.

Out of the Battle Royale locations listed above, both Shipment and Gulag are scheduled to arrive in Modern Warfare Multiplayer as well.

Rather than an identical remaster, the vast majority of these locations are just re-imaginings instead. While you’ll most likely recognise most of these locations, some may not be as reminiscent as you might expect.

After all that time you’ve spent looting, players are always disappointed when they become eliminated in Battle Royale games. Instead of waiting for your teammates to finish their game, it appears as though you’ll go into a small 2v2 mode in the Gulag section of the map for the time being.

According to the YouTuber, here’s a rough sketch of what the map will look like. Of course, the locations featured on the image are just placeholder names.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Map

Will Battle Royale be Free-to-Play?

Back in May, a new leak from Kotaku claimed Activision was considering whether or not to implement a free-to-play aspect within the upcoming iteration of the franchise.

In the YouTuber’s video, they claim Infinity Ward is going to be making Co-Op or Battle Royale free-to-play. At this point in time it’s unclear as to which one will come at a cost, or maybe they’ll both be free-to-play. Either way, we’ll have to wait a little longer to receive a definitive answer.

Modern Warfare ‘Plunder’ Cash System

Plunder is the name of Modern Warfare’s cash system, which is scattered around the Battle Royale map. It can be acquired via a host of different ways, one of which is by eliminating enemies. You can either deposit your cash by ATMs or drones, which can transport it for you with a little risk.

You can decide whether or not to keep your Plunder until the end, if you win you’ll receive bonus cash whereas if you don’t you’ll lose the money you have collected in the game. Plunder can be used to collect several goods, such as weapon charms, executions and outfits.

It’s important to take note that some aspects of this rumor can be subject to change. Additionally, we advise fans to take the information with a pinch of salt until we receive confirmation from Activision.


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