5 Things You Don’t Know About Mavericks Proving Grounds


Mavericks Proving Grounds is set to release later this year. However, not many players actually know what to expect. Here’s 5 things you don’t know about Mavericks Proving Grounds.

1. Players Drop Into The Map via Drone.

One thing that is known for certain is that Drones will be the way in which players will enter the map. With this information we know the game will be set in the near future. Could this mean we’ll see other technological features of a futuristic style? Even if we don’t, deploying from a drone to where your squad wants to start searching for loot sounds exciting.

2. Missions and Objectives Mid-Game.

In a recent interview Automation Games’ James Thompson described how Mavericks was challenging the ‘boring’ moments of a Battle Royale Mid-Game. Players will be given optional missions and objectives to complete during the game. This could be something like ‘Capture and maintain possession of this particular bridge’ for example. Thompson revealed that players who challenge and complete in these objectives will receive special rewards and loot after the game. This gives players another thing to think about apart from just hiding until the end of the match.

3. The Mavericks Proving Grounds Map Is 16km x 16km

400 players in one game means the map has to accommodate for this massive scale fight. 16km x 16km is how big the map is going to be. This means that there is likely to be many different biome areas. We know that there will be large bodies of water with islands at the centre, mountains and towns. Is there also space to add airports or train stations? We’ll have to wait and see. However, this leaves plenty of opportunity for players to get up to other things than just waiting out the game.

Mavericks Proving Grounds Map

4. There Will Be Up-To 1000 Players

Mavericks Proving Grounds will see 1000 players existing simultaneously together in the game. This won’t be during a match however. There¬†will be a Call of Duty WW2/Destiny style Social Hub. This will be a huge feature that will allow player to player trading, possibly trading loot/cosmetics? It will also be basis for Mavericks’ character progression. The developers are confident that their character progression will be a success with fans. Maybe this will involve stats that you can improve in-game? Or it may have something to do with the deep narration that they are promising as well. Could this tell the story behind Mavericks 400 player Battle Royale Mode?

5. Immersive Dynamic World

The Mavericks world will be filled with multiple dynamic aspects such as a weather and day/night cycle. This will then have an effect on the environment around players. The ground will become muddier after rainfall and therefore leave muddy footsteps across roads for example. This gives players a new concept to take into account, tracking. As well as having to be conscious of their own trails. During a match players may also be thrown off by animal noises and footsteps. This is because of the lively wildlife aspect in the game. Animals will leave footsteps in the same way that players will. Players will also leave grass and plant-life parted and flattened once it has been walked over and the same goes for wildlife.

The Mavericks Proving Ground World is destructible. This will include as much as destroying an entire bridge to help players lose whoever is following them or make it difficult for other teams to progress towards the next zone etc.. James Thompson said that they have aimed for ‘ A Rainbow Six Seige level of destructibility’. This is exciting as it opens up ideas of breaking in through walls and ceilings to defeat that squad camping in a room at the bottom of a house.

Mavericks Proving Grounds is promising to be an amazing game. Can they deliver on what they have hyped themselves up about? We’ll find out with a closed beta releasing later this year.


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