Brace For Impact! Where To Avoid When The Current Fortnite Season Ends!

Fortnite Season 4

Season 4 is just around the corner for Fortnite Battle Royale, and one location will indeed be demolished, as a leak seems to confirm. Here is brief recap of what has been happening on the Battle Royale island. The comet is slowly drifting off and left a residual residue in it’s wake of astronomical destruction. We’ve seen Spacecrafts in the sky, and hearts come and go; and Tilted Towers are still ironically standing straight up.

Chaos Has Taken Over!

Televisions have broadcasting emergency warnings everywhere across the Battle Royale map. Unfortunately for the seemingly vacant citizens, the message is distorted and shares no answers; Only llamas. More llamas. To make matters worse, the sky is falling. Quite literally. Small meteors have been crashing down all over the Battle Royale island and destroying structures. It’s chaos.

Llama TV Fortnite

You, the people, have been crying out for answers, luckily there has been some developments. Fortnite has released some very telling hints towards next seasons’ theme. An image of two characters that without question resemble superheroes. This is astounding news! Could these meteors touching down be giving off radiation and effecting the participant on the Battle Royale Island? In Comic book lore, this would not be an uncommon way for one to become a superhero.

Is There Any Hope For The Island?

As for the headline, “Brace for impact”,  that’s on the Epic Games’ website and paired up with the image, we have some “INTEL” that may surprise everyone. Tilted Towers has always been a target in players’ minds this season for eventual demolition. Lucky Landing has also been a recent one, albeit with logical thinking and not April fool’s jokes to go by, but we can’t win them all. However, someone else also called the shots early this time and no one noticed, and it was a little too on the nose to be coincidence… 

We Need A Hero!

On April 23rd Reddit user internetadam told the community that Tilted Towers would not be a target of the meteor, and season 4 would contain a superhero theme. Even more interesting,  he claimed have to had a leaked source— but still no one listen to him. Today 2 things are clear: Tilted Towers are still standing, and season 4 will at least contain themed skins that closely resemble the DC characters The Flash and Wonder Woman. There is one more thing internetadam prophesied, and it will certainly change the landscape of the Battle Royale island.

One Last Big Bang:

Even though the big comet has passed the island, it’s hard to ignore the meteors that followed it when they land on your teammate. Exact incidents of that have yet to be reported, but one can imagine that it’s only a matter of time. Nevertheless, the meteors touching down are making a bang in the community and people want to know what’s going on. Well,  internetadam claims his unnamed source says Dusty Depot will be just that by the end of the season— a pile of dust. We’re not saying thee comet is making a U-turn anytime soon, but it’s not unreasonable to think a slightly larger one of these meteors could take out these three tin over-sized sheds. Players have voiced their complaints in the past about the lack of loot at Dusty Depot and how the location could be better utilized. Epic Games does have a great record for listening to the fans, and they do aim to please all parties. When was the last time Dusty Depot hosted a good party?

Source: Reddit


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