What Will the New Fortnite Road Trip Skin Look Like?

New Fortnite Road Trip Skin

One of the most engaging aspects of the seasons within Fortnite is the weekly challenges. Not only do these provide an objective and goal for players, but deliver some generous rewards. Typically the Fortnite community grinds these out as soon as they drop in order to get the accumulative 50 battle stars (5 tiers worth) and the 5/6 thousand XP. But for some of us, we have been looking further into the future. If you cast your mind back to Season 4, after completing 7 weeks worth of challenges, the Blockbuster skin was unlocked. This was a rare, season exclusive, objective based skin. The thought of earning a skin in this unique manner is only well received if people feel it is worth the effort and time invested. Regarding last season’s Blockbuster skin, there were faint sounds reminiscent to that of a disgruntled mob. Of course, this does not mean everyone disliked it, but for many, it was average at best. The only redeeming factor was the lore and narrative behind the skin itself. So Epic Games have really piled the pressure on for the Season 5 Road Trip Skin to be a worthy reward.

When Can We Unlock the Road Trip Skin?

As it transpired, Season 5 was heavily themed around the time portals, space rifts and sporadic historical deviations across the map. From beloved landmarks stolen in the night to the mysterious Easter Island Heads dotted across the map, uncertainty is the only constant throughout.

Epic has tweeted out via their @FortniteGame Twitter account that the week 7 challenges are not going to be live until Friday 24th August. For the more observant readers out there, you may notice that this is a few days later than the usual schedule for the weekly update (now August 23rd).

With the reasons for this being unknown, one can only assume that this is to ensure the week 10 challenges will be live just before the weekend mid-September. The 15th of September to be exact, but as far as I can tell, this date bears no significance in the world of Fortnite or Epic Games. The only correlation anywhere on the internet (thus far) is a random post on the Epic Games Forum stating that Save The World (STW) will be coming free on September the 15th. This more than likely is an ambitious and hopeful statement at best as the source and evidence for such a claim is neither supported or implied officially in any way. However, to lessen this cryptic blow, we do know that at SOME point STW will be free and available for all users across all compatible platforms. But at least we have a date in which we know the Road Trip skin will be available or at least unlockable, in Week 7.

What Could the Road Trip Skin Look Like?

All we have to go on is the silhouette on the thumbnail in the challenges board. With only the bust-shot / front-profile to use as a guide, currently, anybodys guess is as good as the next. But with a bit of logical thinking and with the information we already have available, some plausible suggestions can be made.

Road Trip Skin

Given that the theme has been ‘history and time’ with the portals, rifts and changes in the map, most of the community are in agreement as to what they think/hope the skin will be. I too, agree with this main circulating theory of which is the new Road Trip skin will be Egyptian themed.

Multiple factors help to support this, however, for now, it can only be speculation at best. Firstly, assessing the outline of the Road Trip thumbnail above, it appears to be a hooded or cloaked character. This would fit perfectly with the Egyptian headdresses that Pharoahs wear. Also known as a Head Crown. The most iconic of these headdresses would be the Nemes headdress as worn by King Tutankhamun, pictured below.

Road Trip skin headdress


So not only does this tie into a ‘historical’ theme but also is similar in shape and structure to the outline presented in the Road Trip skin silhouette.

A further detail to support this theory is that within the first 2 or 3 weeks of Season 5 in Fortnite an obscure object appeared in Loot Lake. Although it was apparent this was a visual glitch and has since been removed, the shape that appeared to be submerged was akin to a that of a large Pyramid. So with the likeness of headdress, the ominous pyramid structure, history-themed season and the addition of a Desert Biome, it seems the Nemes Headdress and Egyptian/Pharaoh Skin is the most plausible of outcomes.

As always, if we find out any more details before the week 7 challenges go live, we will be sure to let you know here first.


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