What Are the Superheroes in Fortnite Season 4 – Battle Royale?

Fortnite Season 4 Superheros

Epic games are remaining ever so ambiguous, with the information they are providing for Season 4 in Fortnite. Nonetheless, it has been generally accepted the theme will be Superheroes in Fortnite Season 4 based on revealed images, but the specifics remain somewhat vague.

We’ve been previously discussing how there could be a potential crossover of the DC and Marvel universe within the world of Fortnite. This, if accurate, would be achieved due to Epic Games minority shareholders Tencent Games and their previous license to use DC characters. The Marvel crossover is even more ambitious but would be achievable via Epic Games and their Disney partnership. This started last year, seeing them introduced as a member of the Disney Accelerator programme.

As mentioned before, we have been provided with teaser images, which bear a striking resemblance to some well-known characters. Here is a quick rundown of the images that we have seen so far and the superheroes in which they resemble.

The Flash/Daredevil?

This is the first image we had revealed to us by Epic Games and it certainly had the community excited. Coupled with the caption of “Battle, adapt, win”, theories of a Superhero theme already began to ripple across social media.

Flash -Superheroes in Season 4 of Fortnite

Upon closer inspection, many people have found similarities to that of “The Flash”. Albeit this may have initially been due to the colour scheme, lightening borders in the image, and overall dynamic image, the similarities most certainly were there. The main point of interest surrounding this first teaser image was the half-masked face. It is no coincidence that most people almost instinctively thought it was made to resemble that of The Flash. Having the nose and mouth exposed is also synonymous with the classic attire worn by the flash.

A more fanciful theory is that this image is actually a Marvel character. Although the whole image is not clear, is it true that there are also multiple similarities to Daredevil. As classically depicted in comics, Daredevil has the blank single-tone eyes, a more open mouth/nose masked area and also two horns on the masks upper region. All fit this description, despite the image being cropped at a point in which we could not see any horns if they are present.

Wonder Woman?

Wonderwoman -Superheroes in Season 4 of Fortnite

The second Image we had revealed to us is possibly the most distinguishable. A striking female with long dark hair garnishing an ornate headband. Of course, similarities, until confirmed by Epic Games, may be purely coincidental, but this bears an almost identical resemblance to “Wonderwoman”. Wonderwoman has already man an appearance in previous Tencent games due to their license for these characters within the huge MOBA hit, Strike for Kings/ Honor of Kings. This, therefore, serves as a possible indicator for this character also being used within Fortnite.

The main aspect of the image which likens it to that of Wonderwoman is the tiara or headband. This is a classic piece of memorabilia which have been adorned with all depictions of Wonderwoman. From Lynda Carter right up to Gal Gadot, all versions have had this classic headband/tiara.

Aquaman/Green Arrow

A further image was released by Epic Games showcasing a third additional character. With less of the face revealed, it has been slightly harder to pinpoint similarities. However, this has not stopped the Fortnite community formulating ideas as to who this may mirror.

Aquaman -Superheroes in Season 4 of Fortnite

Originally, due to the chiselled features, and apparent facial hair, rumours surfaced that this could be based on “Green Arrow.” But from further analysis, many have now changed their opinion to a more evident character.

Again within the DC Universe, this other suggestion to who this character may replicate is “Aquaman”. Not only does this image for that of Aquaman in appearance, but there is a more prominent clue. Although it may seem trivial, the slit in the characters eyebrow may be a huge indicator. This signature mark in the eyebrow is identical to the trademark scar on Jason Momoa, the Aquaman actors, eyebrow. There now appears to be a unique amount of similarities across the characters revealed, to fairly confidently establish the theme is, of course, Superheros who at least look like the DC classics.

A more nebulous theory is that this third character is actually a depiction of Hanzo Shimada, a character with Blizzards games Overwatch. Although he looks much like the character revealed and is also an archer, much like Green Arrow, it is too vague to suggest that there would be a Fortnite/Overwatch crossover.

Masked Heroine / Supervillain?

masked woman -Superheroes in Season 4 of Fortnite

The fourth and what is thought to be the final image within the collage, is the most cryptic and elusive for sure. Here we have a woman who has no distinct features or apparel other than that mask hanging around her neck. If this is the only notable item to go on, then we could assume it has been styled loosely on the Bane character. Of course, this could be a random skin that will be added, to only serve the purpose of throwing us all off the scent, but it would make more sense that it will follow the Superhero theme.

We have not forgotten though that heroes and vigilantes would have little to no purpose if there were not villains and foes to hunt and fight. Perhaps, this final skin reveal is a new type of villain to be added thought season 4.

Of course, it should not be totally dismissed that all of these similarities are simply due to the fact that Epic Games have styled and been influenced by the iconic DC/Marvel characters. That still creates an exciting prospect for season 4 in Fortnite, of potentially having a totally new roster and a universe of heroes/villain. Who knows, this may even be the start of a fantasy world that may compete with the DC and Marvel franchises.

One thing is for sure, all will be revealed on the 1st of May. What are your thoughts on Superheroes in Fortnite season 4? Comment below and join in on the discussion!


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