What Are Epic Games Hiding in the Secret Wailing Woods Fortnite Bunker

Fortnite Wailing Woods Secret Bunker

Throughout Season 4 we saw many changes in Fortnite. One of the more notable changes/additions was a mysterious secret bunker that appeared just North East of the maze in Wailing Woods. The catastrophic impact and fallout from the Meteor in Season 4 stole most peoples attention. But a few months on and with the map returning, somewhat, to a state of normality, people seem to be focused on grinding through Season 5 as we approach week 7.

The additions of rifts and portals, new biomes and points of interest mean, as a whole, we have all had our fair share of fun. Epic Games most certainly know how to keep the community entertained, but that does not mean we have forgotten about this cryptic and unexplained secret bunker.

Secret Bunker full

What Could Be Inside the Secret Bunker?

Since it appeared, there has been no mention from Epic either on Twitter or within the patch notes. Even the physical structure of the secret bunker itself has not changed at all over the past 3 months whilst the world around it has altered and transformed.

The first question on everyone’s lips is “what is inside”? Before a patch to fix this, players could glitch their way under the map. These players could even make their way into the secret bunker itself. However, upon thorough inspection, the bunker appeared totally empty and was even void of finished textures and detailing. Some were disappointed by this, but for others, it simply fanned their curiosity. Why was it is the game? What will be down there? Will it ever open? Hopefully, time will tell!

Many theories and speculative ideas have been created, the first of which was similar to the storyline of Lost, the hit TV series. Much like the Secret Bunker in Wailing Woods, a hatch/metal door appeared on the island. Initially, no matter how hard they tried, they could not enter. It was only until time has passed that they were allowed to discover its secrets. Perhaps Epic Games are tipping their hats toward this iconic series.

Secret Bunker

Another popular theory suggests that this is where the new Road Trip skin will appear from. Although we do not know ANY details on this Season 5 skin, we do know that is will be available once the week 7 challenges go live. Epic did tweet out that these weekly challenges were pushed back and would now go live on the 24th August. But since then the in-game time on the challenges menu shows that they will be available with the update later today on the 23rd August. We do not know for sure which date is accurate, but either way, we will have it by the end of the week.

Another, more plausible indication of this secret bunker possibly tying into the storyline of Season 5/6 is with the return of the much beloved Tomato Head in Tomato Town. As I am sure you will know, the Tomato Head was removed via the portal at the start of Season 5. However, last week, it made a return in the form of a small Tomato. Some say it is a stone, to me it looks burnt, but the really interesting this is where it is facing. Thanks to Reddit user OmegaTier100 he took an image to represent where the head is facing in relation to the bunker.

The new Stone Tomato is looking towards to the Bunker from FortNiteBR

It does indeed line up. Graunted this may be a stretch, but we cannot rule out anything at this stage. Especially given how Epic love to add easter eggs and keep the community guessing. If all goes to plan, all will be revealed later this week. But untill then, let us know if you have anymore thoughts or theories on this topic.


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