Fortnite Week 9 Challenges LEAKED | Battle Royale – Season 4

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges LEAKED | Battle Royale - Season 4

The Fortnite Week 9 challenges have been leaked. This is the penultimate week of Season 4 challenges, so it’s time to get your grind on to fully complete them.

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

The challenges for this week are:

  • Deal Damage with Explosive Weapons to Opponents – 0/500
  • Search Chests in Moisty Mire – 0/7
  • Use a Shopping Cart – 0/1
  • Visit Different Taco Shops in a Single Match – 0/3
  • Search Between Movie Titles [HARD] – 0/1
  • Shotgun Eliminations [HARD] – 0/4
  • Eliminate Opponents in Anarchy Acres  – 0/3
Fortnite Week 9 Challenges LEAKED

What We Think

This week seems to bring a slight change of style for some of the challenges. For instance, the ‘Search Between Movie Titles’ differs from the previous ‘Search Between’ challenges. This time it doesn’t name three different things to search between meaning players will have to find numerous movie titles to search between.

In addition to this, the usual weapon eliminations challenge normally only requires 3 eliminations. For the Week 9 challenges, players are required to eliminate 4 opponents with a shotgun. Also, the final challenge isn’t listed as [HARD], meaning there are only two difficult challenges for this week.

Although these aren’t massive differences it does signify a slight change in the Battle Pass challenges. Could they be testing small differences for next season in an attempt to shake up the challenges?

In terms of the rest of the challenges, they don’t seem to be too ambitious. We see another attempt by Epic Games to get more people using explosive weapons with the first challenge. It requires players to deal 500 damage to their opponents using any form of explosive.

Another usual suspect in the weekly challenges is the ‘Search Chests’ challenge. This week will see players descend upon Moisty Mire in a bid to complete this challenge. With this season’s addition to Moisty, the movie set, there are more chests in this point of interest. Thus, this challenge should not be too hard to complete.

The ‘Use a Shopping Cart’ challenge suggests that Epic Games will be re-introducing the item back into Battle Royale for good. They have been taken out of the gameplay a couple of times previously due to bugs in the game. However, this challenge could mean they’ll be back in with this week’s update.

Finally, the ‘Visit a Different Taco Shop’ challenge is back. If you don’t know your way around the map then this one could be a tough one. However, if you’re not up for a challenge many players have come up with their perfect routes to complete this challenge.


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