Fortnite Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges – User Guide & Map Locations!


Fortnite Battle Royale week 9 battle pass challenges have now arrived! We’ve come up with a user guide which will give you hints and tricks on how to complete the Fortnite week 9 battle pass challenges, so you don’t have to spend too much time figuring it out for yourself.

Deal Damage To Opponents Structures (0/5000)

There are lots of life hacks to this challenge. First life hack is that while you are running around the map and you come across a battle with buildings left over, you can break those buildings with your pickaxe so you can complete the quest faster and you do not waste any bullets. Second life hack is that if you unfortunately get in a battle with buildings you can shoot at the opponent’s buildings which can do two things, help you fight the battle and finish this quest faster.

Search Chests In Haunted Hills (0/7)

There are a total of 15 chests in Haunted Hills, so this quest shouldn’t take too long. Here are all the chest locations in Haunted Hills:

Build Structures (0/250)

This is a pretty simple challenge. You can do this challenge by just playing the game how you normally would and by building bases, stairs, protection, and walls you will complete this quest quickly. If you aren’t able to play Fortnite a lot, a quick way to finish this quest is by mining the trees/rocks in Wailing Woods and Moisty Mire and placing structures once you are at max material capacity.

Visit Different Taco Shops in a Single Match (0/3)

This one is one of the harder challenges to complete because there are only 5 in the whole map. The easiest way to finish this quest is by landing in the unnamed location between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores, then making your way over to tilted towers, and lastly going down to the unnamed location between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory. Here are all the locations of the Taco Shop in the Fortnite map:

Follow The Treasure Map Found In Moisty Mire (0/1) (HARD)

Despite the title of the name of the challenge, this quest is probably the easiest quest. All you have to do is land on a roof of a house near Retail Row and open the Battle Pass Star that pops out. Here is where the location is:

Shotgun Eliminations (0/4) (HARD)

For experienced players this challenge should be a breeze. For beginners and people that are not that good in the game, all you have to do is try to kill at least 1 or more people every game with a shotgun. It doesn’t matter if you die, just start a new round and try again. It could take you multiple rounds to finish this challenge, but it is one of the harder challenges which makes sense.

Eliminate Opponents In Lucky Landing (0/3) (HARD)

Like the previous challenge, this one should be super easy for experienced players. For beginners all you need to do is land every round in Lucky Landing and try to kill people. Just try over and over again, it shouldn’t take too many rounds before you are done with this quest. A good advantage point in Lucky Landing is the height of the hills around it, so make sure to use those.

Hopefully this guide made the week 9 battle pass challenges easy to complete, it shouldn’t take you more than a day or two at most to complete all of these challenges. If you have any more tips/tricks or if you have suggestions make sure to comment below your thoughts.


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