Here’s Where to Watch Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite Tournament – Week 3

Keemstar's Friday Fortnite Tournament - Week 3

Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite Tournament is back again this Friday. Last week’s winners ‘Typical Gamer’ and ‘SoaR Thief’ are back to defend their title. However, this week the prize pool is a massive $20,000.

Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite Tournament

This week will be different as Tony Lanez, a celebrity rapper and singer, will be taking part. So far, the only people to take part have been Youtube and Twitch content creators.

Recently, Epic Games announced that they would provide $100 million dollars to enable these Friday Fortnite tournaments to continue. Though the game doesn’t have a set competitive mode, the tournaments have proved very popular.

Gamers from Faze Clan, Clout Games, Team Solomid and Optic Gaming will be taking part. Other content creators such as Ninja, Dr Lupo and Logan Paul will take part once again.

The Tournament consists of 16 brackets. Two gamers duo up, join another duo in a squad match and try to get the most kills in a game of Battle Royale. The match-ups contain two full BR games and the kills are added up at the end. If, at the end of both these games, the duos have the same amount of kills they must play a third tie-breaker game.

The bracket system works the same as any other E-Sports Competition. The winner of each bracket advances until there are only two teams left. Those that lose their bracket go to the Losers Bracket. The ‘winner’ of Losers then faces the last duo left from normal brackets. If the winners bracket team wins: they automatically win the entire competition. However, if the Losers winner wins, they then have win a second time to secure the Tournament win.

Where To Watch:

The Tournament will start at 1pm PST, 9pm BST, 7am AEDT, 4pm EST and you can watch it right here:


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