Fortnite Update 7.20 Patch Notes & Release Date / Time (Expected)


The next major Fortnite update, since patch 7.10 on December 18th, is scheduled to arrive this week. Epic Games will be implementing a host of changes to the game, predominantly within the Battle Royale aspect. Without further ado, let’s take a look into the expected Fortnite update 7.20 patch notes and possible release date / time candidates.

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Fortnite Update 7.20 Release Date / Time

Typically speaking, Fortnite updates usually come on Tuesday at 5am ET / 10am UTC. Although, if Epic Games decide to delay the Fortnite Update 7.20 release date, as done so with patch 7.10, we could see it on Wednesday. Gaming INTEL can’t confirm exactly when it’ll arrive. However, based on previous occurrences, our prediction is on Tuesday morning.

Fortnite Update 7.20 Patch Notes

Wall Placement Improvements

In a recent post on Reddit, Epic Games’ Eric Williamson confirmed that walls built by players which have 70 percent or more of its area underground will automatically get an additional wall placed above. Prior to building, the players’ main objective is to protect themselves against enemy fire. Most players never plan for their buildings to go underground, so this change will undoubtedly provide a massive advantage.

It’s important to take note of the specifics in regards to this upcoming change in Fortnite Update 7.20. It is only relevant to walls and therefore will not effect stairs. Although, Epic’s lead designer did mention that they possibly have plans to “expand to other structures” in the foreseeable future.

Itemized Glider Redeploy

With the launch of Fortnite update 7.20, Glider Redoploy will be regarded as an item, rather than an ability immediately gifted to all players. This means that one place within your inventory will be taken up if you decide to use it. Furthermore, players will be to acquire it through normal loot sources. The initial stack size will be 10 (and higher for LTMs with redeploy). Although, Epic Games will be evaluating the balance of this amount over time.

14 Days of Fortnite End

Epic’s current major Fortnite event is scheduled to end tomorrow. 14 Days of Fortnite celebrated the holiday season with the arrival of a large set of new challenges for players to tackle. With players unexpectedly finding themselves unable to complete the entirety of challenges within the given time, many among the community requested for Epic Games to extend it, in which they did.

New Scoped Revolver Weapon

Recently, Epic Games announced a new Scoped Revolver weapon through their in-game MOTD. There is currently no official confirmation as to when this addition will be making its way into the game. Although, if following suit from previous Fortnite updates, 7.20 appears to be the most likely option.

Fortnite Update v7.20 Patch Notes


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