Fortnite Update v5.40 Patch Notes | Expected New Additions & Changes

Fortnite Update v5.40 Patch Notes

Fortnite Update v5.40 is expected to be released on Tuesday, September 4th with server downtime expected to begin at 9am BST / 1am PT, if following the pattern of previous patches via EPIC Games. Throughout the past few weeks many new features and changes have been announced or leaked, in which most are likely to occur in this patch. We’ve mentioned all the new changes expected to feature within the Fortnite Update v5.40 Patch Notes below.

The Grappler Weapon

Yesterday, a new weapon was officially confirmed for the game, the Grappler. This came as no surprise due to in-game datamines, however they did provide us with a first look at the weapon via the livestream.

Alongside a video clip of the weapon in action, the stats were posted online:

– Rarity: Epic
– Damage: 0
– Reload Time: 1.3
– Fire Rate: 1.0
– Magazine Size: 15

High Stakes Event

Another new addition is the High Stakes event, as revealed a few days ago. This will include a new Getaway LTM, Wild Card outfit, and the High Stakes Challenges.

The Wildcard set will be available to purchase in the item shop, in which will include the Wildcard outfit, Cuff Case back bling, and Safe Cracker glider. The outfit will also be customisable with four masks. As spotted by numerous viewers of the livestream, it appears this will feature a money trail.

Changes to Dusty Divot

Fans did not miss the slightest trick during yesterday’s PAX West Summer Skirmish livestream. In the latest Battle Royale update, Tomato Town was changed to Tomato Temple. It appears something very similar will be occurring in Dusty Divot this time. Here’s a comparison:

Fortnite Update v5.40 - Changes to Dusty Divot

Storm Behaviour & Revolver Vaulted

During a Battle Royale update video, posted on the official youtube channel, Eric Williamson  said this about upcoming storm changes:

In v5.40 we have the new CONCEPT called storm damage. the basic idea is the edge of the storm will do damage to player-built structures in the final phases of the game. less than ten percent of our matches are affected by this or make it that long. tHEREFORE, WE ARE REALLY TRYING TO TACTICALLY ADJUST THE FINAL STAGES TO PROVIDE A LITTLE MORE DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY.

Furthermore, Eric provided an insight on the future of the Revolver weapon:

We’ll be vaulting the REVOLVER. This is part of an INITIATIVE to keep the item pool fresh and dynamic. An ITEM THAT HAS BEEN VAULTED DOESN’T necessarily MEAN IT’S GONE FOREVER.

Other Updates

  • Dual Pistols and Suppressed Pistols will be available in a Rare version.
  • Construction in Tilted Towers will be 100% completed.
  • C4s have also been moved to an Epic Rarity rather than Rare.

Some of these new changes have not been officially confirmed, however with leaks and other reliable sources it’s fair to say they certainly are expected.


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