Fortnite update on Peeking, Weapon Swapping & Guided Missiles (v.3.2.5)

Fortnite update on Peeking, Weapon Swapping and Guided Missiles

Epic Games have announced the fixes for Peeking, Weapon Swapping and Guided Missiles in Fortnite Battle Royale. The fixes will be implemented into the game in update v.2.3.5. These issues have been affecting the majority of players and have been almost ruining the game. Epic Games have introduced fixes over the past few weeks for other issues in the game, but fixing some of these issues also brought new ones. One of them being the peeking glitch which was brought in after a fix for the unintended behavior shooting glitch. This is where players would be peeking over structures or edges but accidentally shooting their own structures.

Here is what Epic Games said:


In v3.4, we identified an unintended behavior with shooting that affected a small number of players. However, when implementing a fix in v3.5, we unintentionally introduced a bug around peeking over structures and edges. The result of this issue is that you would accidentally end up shooting your own structures. We will be rolling back this change in v3.5.2 this week, and we’ll be taking a little more time to evaluate how we fix the original issue.

Weapon Swapping

We recently introduced weapon equip times. This change was geared towards balancing quick switching between different weapons with low rate of fire (effectively bypassing the drawbacks that make these weapons fair).
After reviewing your feedback, we’ll be making a number of changes in a hotfix later today:

  • Snipers and Crossbows do not benefit as much from quick switching, so we’ll be reverting the equip time changes for those weapons.
  • We will be keeping the delay for the remaining weapons with the new behaviour – Shotguns, Revolver, Hand Cannon, and Rocket Launcher. Note: All other weapons do not have equip times.
  • Weapon equip animations will be improved in a future update. These are unfortunately somewhat misleading – it’s possible to fire sooner than the gun appears ready, so they feel more sluggish than they really are. You may notice this on a few weapons.

These two changes are an iterative step in taking another look at our weapon swapping and improving it for the long run.

Guided Missile

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback around the Guided Missile, in particular concerns over fairness and strength of the weapon. We share your concerns, so we’ve put the Guided Missile into the vault while we figure out the next steps for its future.

Fortnite Battle Royale (v.3.2.5) Round up:

  • Epic Games will be fixing the peeking issues which makes you shoot your own structure when peeking.
  • Equip times will be for Shotguns, Revolvers, Hand Cannons, and Rocket Launchers.
  • The guided missile will be going into the vault


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