Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop | Season 8

Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop

The launch of Season 8 also arrived with an array of leaks uncovered by dataminers. That said, let’s take a look at the upcoming Fortnite skins in the Item Shop.

The following Fortnite skins have been discovered via the in-game files, therefore these are not confirmed, and some could potentially be subject to change. Although, if following the same pattern as previous seasons, these will most likely arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop at some point in the near future.


Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - Bandolette

Unrivaled ambush predator of the jungle.


Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - IKONIK

Define the moment.

Carbon Commando

Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - Carbon Commando

Redefining state of the art.


Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - Hypernova



Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - Mezmer

All eyes are on you.

Munitions Major

Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - Munitions Major

Fire in the hole!


Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - Sunbird

Fly in light, and eclipse the sun.

Hayseed and Sunflower

Upcoming Fortnite Skins in Item Shop - Hayseed and Sunflower

  • Roll up your sleeves and battle the field.
  • Certified organic.

Other Upcoming Fortnite Season 8 Cosmetics

In addition to the host of upcoming Fortnite skins above, it appears that several new other cosmetic items are also on the horizon. That is, of course, dependent on the legitimacy of recent leaks. We’ve listed these alleged upcoming cosmetics below:

Back Blings:

  • Sun Wings – Solar powered.
  • Hypnotic – Look into my eyes.
  • Carbon Pack – Lightweight and combat ready.
  • Oscilloscope – Dialed in.
  • Sun Sprout – Perfectly sunny.
  • Haystacks – Characteristically unfriendly to birds.
  • Reaction Tank – Pressurized.


  • Gold Digger – The gold standard.
  • Axetec – Axe of the ancients.
  • Brute Force – Unavoidable.
  • Machete – Cut through the jungle.
  • Flimsie¬†Flail – Flop til they drop.
  • Uni-horn – Take the competition by the horn.
  • Longhorn – Corral the competition.


  • Fandangle – Loosen up and prepare for nonsense.
  • Scenario – Make it happen.
  • Shadow Boxer – Stick and move.


  • Choppa – Calling in air support.
  • Sunrise – Rise up.
  • Rush – It’s a rush!
  • Helium – Lighter than air.
  • Steadfast – Battle-tested.

A rather large amount of these cosmetics have connotations to some skins in particular. For example, the Haystacks back bling appears to fit the same theme of the Hayseed and Sunflower skins. With that in mind, the debut of some of these items will likely launch alongside their suitable skin.

Some of the items appear to have been leaked from prior seasons, such as the Flimsie Flail pickaxe and Reaction Tank back bling. That said, there’s a good chance that a few of the recently leaked cosmetics from the Season 8 update may fall over to future seasons.

When is the Fortnite Item Shop updated?

Epic Games usually updates the Fortnite Item Shop at 0:00 UTC each day. These cosmetics, alongside the skins, will most likely release over the course of the upcoming weeks or months. So, you may want to keep an eye out.

How much do Fortnite Skins cost?

The price of each cosmetic item will vary depending on its rarity. Rare outfits typically cost 1200 V-Bucks, whereas uncommon skins can usually¬†be acquired for 800 V-bucks. If you decide to purchase the more expensive option, however, and really stand out in-game, you’ll be paying 1500 V-Bucks for the Epic rarity outfits.

Your payment doesn’t have to go straight to Epic Games, however. With the current Support-a-Creator system implemented in the game, players can pick and choose who they decide to support. Fans have the ability to use their favorite creator’s code in order to support them after each purchase.

Which outfits would you like to see arrive in Fortnite Battle Royale? Will you be purchasing any of the above?


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