This Fortnite Season 6 Theory Will Blow Your Mind

Fortnite Season 6 Cube

Fortnite is a game that many have heard of and that many people play. Season 5 of the popular Battle Royale has a questionable meta, but what will Fortnite Season 6 look like. The latest craze in the game is the mysterious cube that spawned as a result of a lightning storm. The storm took place just last week on August 24th. Lightning struck in the new desert area, and the cube was born. Of course this raised flags across the Fortnite community, and the theories were off to the races.

Fortnite Season 6 Theories

With this new cube event that’s happened, people have shifted their focus on where the cube is moving. Twitter user Sudanym¬†has updated his website with a “Cube Tracker“. This is the latest cube update:

fortnite season 6 theories

As we can see, it’s traveled pretty far across the map. It’s been on quite a journey, so far it has made its way from the desert, past Fatal Fields and now it is making way towards the river that runs to through the map. I’ve seen people theorizing that the cube will make it’s way to Loot Lake, and then Loot Lake will undergo a transformation. As per usual, Epic Games will leave us lingering until the end of the season before releasing even the slightest hints about Season 6. Will the cube be involved in Fortnite Season 6 or will is disappear and will Epic Games end up doing something nobody expects?

The Norse Theory

Reddit user DeanMDx seems to have a theory about Fortnite Season 6:

I may know what it is doing. Look.. from r/FortNiteBR

In this video he predicts that the cube will end up destroying the Fortnite world. Again, this is all speculation and rumors, as nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games. To summarize his video if you didn’t have time to watch it or if you didn’t quite understand… As the cube moves it has been leaving behind runes on the ground, and he found Norse lettering on the viking ship as well. Upon looking further into the meaning of the letters, the top one that looks like a backwards ‘Z’, means the Rune of Transformation. The letter that looks like a ‘H’ means Rune of Renewal. He’s thinking this is referring to the rebirth of Dusty Depot, now Dusty Divot. The Rune of Transformation is predicted to refer to the transformation of Loot Lake.

This Reddit user goes on to talk about the final skin you unlock if you reach Battle Pass Tier 100, the Ragnarok. In Norse mythology, the Ragnarok symbolizes apocalyptic events, meaning something will be destroyed. Maybe the entire Battle Royale world, not literally, but the world we know in Fortnite. DeanMDx continues going into more detail about an older game that Epic Games licensed called Rune. That game features a Ragnarok of its own. Could this be linked to the current Epic Games hit game – Fortnite?

We don’t really know, but they certainly know how to keep people guessing, and keeping people entertained by events even if they aren’t actual game modes. Is this the theory that will be correct? Would an apocalyptic event finally reveal the reason the bunker is still in Wailing Woods?


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