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TFUE Wins Fortnite Skirmish


The age of streaming is well and truly here for Fortnite gamers, with many streamers on gaining internet fame. One of those broadcasters is Tfue (Turner Tenney), an American professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan.TFUE Image

Tfue has once again showcased his extreme talent in building, shot accuracy and end-game composure as he has taken home the crown this week with 13 points. In this article, I will be explaining some of Tfue’s strategies and highlighting some of the best moments from this week’s Skirmish.

Epic Games’ Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series, is a 6-week long competition. Invited gamers will compete in competitive matches and challenges to win a share of the $10,000,000 prize pool.

Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series

This week was Week 4 of the series and the format was Solos. Victory Royales and Eliminations contributed to the points system. The player with the most points at the end of six games would be crowned the winner.

Fortnite Skirmish Points

The player with the most points at the end of 6 matches wins. The top 20 players at the end of the competition will be awarded.

Victory Royale: +3 Points
2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points
4th-10th Place: +1 Point

7+ Eliminations: +3 Points
5-6 Eliminations: +2 Points
3-4 Eliminations: +1 Point

Big Bonus: $7,500 and +1 Point will be added to each Elimination beyond 7.

All player points are also added to team totals, depending on which team they are in. There are five teams: Bush Bandits, Fort Knights, Lucky Llamas, Dusty Dogs and Rift Raiders. Tfue plays for the Rift Raiders alongside FaZe Cloak and Morgausse.Fortnite Skirmish Teams

Tfue’s Strategies and Skirmish Best Moments

In his first game, Tfue was eliminated in 89th place after falling short of materials and hitting a low HP shot. However, this did not deter him.

Tfue dropped at the same spot once again, landing with 54HP. Tfue landed alone to allow himself time to gather material for his end-game tunneling. This is an important strategy when playing in Fortnite Scrims or Tournaments. Due to his aggressive playing style, Tfue rifted onto players. This is another important strategy as kills earn points. Tfue WON Game 2 with 4 eliminations, all due to his aggressiveness.

Game 3 was a huge game for Tfue, with no kills and 50 players remaining, Tfue pulled out his Heavy Sniper. One of Tfue’s best attributes is his accuracy and reaction times when it comes to sniping. He did not disappoint, sniping Hogman, Wilds, Nikiski and BlooTea. Tfue won with 5 eliminations, using his pre-farmed materials to keep high ground, making it his second Victory Royale.

Tfue won overall for the Rift Raiders, completing all six games with 13 points, placing him top.

Learn TFUE’s strategies in Fortnite

Watching Tfue’s stream from the Skirmish can teach some good Fortnite strategies here. He landed at the same place every game, with similar rotations and techniques. Tfue clears his location, farms materials and then goes for kills. It is important to remember that skill and accuracy is required to carry out this style of play. However, everyone can learn from Tfue that materials are important in every game, and it is essential that you have them. Tfue also shows how to have the confidence to push enemies in risky scenarios. This is another important tip as if you don’t engage in combat, your shooting skills will never improve.

The Fall Skirmish will return next week, where I will be bringing more aftermath info and strategies from the winner! Let us know what you think about this week’s tournament on Twitter @FortniteBattle. Check out our Fortnite Leaks too!


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