Fortnite Snowstorm Coming to Season 7 Map, Leaks Suggest

Fortnite Snowstorm Coming to Season 7 Map?

New leaks suggest that a snowstorm may be coming to Fortnite Season 7. Data miners have found evidence of snow in game files. Will we see a snowy update coming very soon?

Fortnite Snowstorm in Season 7?

Twitter user @FNBRLeaks¬†posted pictures online that showed in-game files that suggest there will be snow this winter season. The files are under a sub-folder called ‘Footsteps’ in the Sound folder.

The files reference different types of footsteps walking through snow, such as ‘Athena_Soldier_Snow_Sprint_Footstep_Cue’. The twitter account confirmed that the sound of these steps differed to the sounds heard when walking on snow in the Viking Village.

There are some who have suggested that these sounds were in the game for last years Christmas season but were never actually used. However, considering Epic Games recent dedication to reflecting every holiday in-game, it would not be surprising to see a bit of snow this holiday period.

Snow Cloud Spotted

So, does this mean we could be seeing a snowy update to the Fortnite Battle Royale map? A lot of players seem to think so. Especially with many witnessing what appears to be a large, white snow cloud in distant view of the map.

According to players, the potential snow cloud has been South of Flush Factory. Could it be moving towards the main map? Season 6 ends on December 6th so we could see a huge in-game event bring the new Season in.

The Battle Royale map has undertaken several major changes since the game was first released. If a snow storm was to hit the map could it potentially affect some of the main points of interest?

Most recently we’ve seen the change to Leaky Lake (from Loot Lake) with the cube event and the resulting corrupted areas. There have been many minor changes to the game too with new additions to Wailing Woods and Retail Row.

What could be changed by a potentially life-threatening snow storm? Only the release of Fortnite Season 7 will show us.


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