Fortnite Skull Trooper Release: New EVENT, Halloween and Leaked RED STYLE!


The return of the Fortnite Skull Trooper was a huge success for Epic Games, with many of Fortnite’s players purchasing the famed skin, along with his new female counterpart, the Skull Ranger.

The new styles included a Green Glow-in-the-Dark style and a Purple style for the original owners of the skin. The release of the Skull Trooper was controversial, with some ‘OG’ players being unhappy with the release. Most importantly, both new and old players were happy to see it back. People who just missed out were able to purchase it in time for this year’s Halloween season.

Red Skull Trooper Leak

A new leak has recently been revealed on our Twitter, @FortniteBattle, showing a possible new red style for the Skull Trooper skin. It is unconfirmed whether this would be available to all new owners.

Please note, there are unconfirmed reports suggesting the Red Skull Trooper to be a spoof. Although these were genuinely found in the game files, treat this leak with caution. Here’s what we have so far

Skull Trooper Event

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this weekend, Fortnite developers have planned an event. The Ghost Portal Back Bling was recently leaked by multiple sources, including our Twitter, @FortniteBattle, and is now available to all Skull Trooper owners via completing a set of challenges.

The challenges set to earn this back bling are pretty difficult, with some players explicitly declaring their confusion. One challenge included having to play 50 GAMES. Fortnite Developer JustMooney1 explained here that this weekend (comm. October 12th) players can earn the reward much easier:

This weekend, we’re running a Skull Trooper Event which will allow you to earn the Ghost Portal Back Bling faster by playing 20 matches […]

You will receive the Back Bling and the challenges will auto-complete early next week.

New Fortnite Halloween skins

In the build-up to Halloween, many new skins are scheduled for release. Decorations have also cropped up around the map, including streetlight-hanging ghosts and spider’s webs.


Our very own dataminer recently leaked skins for Halloween, including the Hollowhead, BullsEye and Skull Ranger in this article.

There’s lots of exciting things to come this season for Fortnite, be sure to stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for the latest leaks and info!


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