Fortnite Season 5 Theory on the New Rift/Fracture

Fortnite Season 5 Theory

We are steadily approaching the final week in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4. Being midway through week 9 there have been some major changes across the map and community as a whole. Over the past 3 or so weeks the main focus has been around the “Evil Lair” found near Snobby. The rocket within this lair, coupled with audio cues and countdown timers (found on TV screens) led to much speculation. As far as competent Season 5 theories go, the main suggestion was that the rocket would launch and “wipe out” Tilted Towers. Across social media, this was generally accepted as accurate and as it turns out, it was not too far from the truth. All in aid of building the hype and suspense in the community around Fortnite Season 5.

For those that have been online over the past few days have more than likely seen either pictures or videos on the event that occurred. But for those that may have somehow missed the momentous occasion, here is a brief recap. On the Saturday 30th June 2018 at 10:30 AM PST/ 1:30 PM ET/ 7:30 PM CET/ 6:30 PM BST, a rocket launched from the Evil Lair. It soared into near space, only to then break off and submit a laser straight down to Tilted Towers. After this happened, the main rocket during its descent, began to create what can only be described as a “tear or fracture” in the atmosphere above Tilted Towers/Loot Lake. Subsequently, the rocket began to create similar looking wormholes across the map with the rocket disappearing and reappearing at multiple points on the map. In what was a climactic scene, the rocket then proceeded to once again ascend to only smash into an invisible barrier. The contact caused the mammoth rift/fracture that we can still see in the sky today. A full video of the event is shown below.

Fortnite Season 5 Theory

The event left many in awe, as was I! Why did it occur? Did the rocket malfunction? What are the fractures that have appeared? What does this mean for Fortnite Season 5? These amongst many others are prevalent logical questions being asked. We can all speculate and formulate opinions, but the truth is we will not know officially until the trailer for Season 5 is released. Or of course, Epic Games tell us otherwise on the Official Fortnite Twitter account.

Time Warp

This main theory is one which aligns closely to my own. Due to both the nature of the rockets movements during its launch and the subsequent fractures, many have suggested that these are “time holes or time warps”. The rocket entered and appeared sporadically across the map, seeming to effortlessly traverse large distances, rejecting the parameters or space, distance and time. In many sci-fi books, comics, movies and shows, the “fabric of time” is something often mentioned. Tears or fractures within this can cause unknown deviations in the past, present, and future. It has been reported, or at least theorized, since the beginning of even season 4 itself, that parts of the map would no longer be here by the season’s end. Many over the past 9 weeks came to accept that this was just implied by the meteor and fallout damage. But given the latest turn of events, this has all been turned on its head.

Fortnite Season 5 fracture view

After the rocket launch on Saturday, fractures and rifts have appeared across the map. Even in just two days since this occurrence, parts of the map are starting to change. The most notable is over at Lonely Lodge, as the front sign of the main lodge has disappeared. If this trend continues to happen, it would appear that certain locations may be consumed in their entirety. This may continue to consume the map right up to the launch of Fortnite Season 5. Further to this, the fractures already starting to grow in both size and scale. Reddit user Discount Pringle has best demonstrated this with an image showing the progression of the main sky fracture just 2 days after the event.

Fortnite Season 5 fracture growth

It is also safe to assume that barren lands will not take their place, and instead new (or old) locations/features will take their place. This theory is corroborated if we look at the Fortnite Reddit, in which a large portion of the community also feels that Tilted Towers, Lonely Lodge, and even Moisty Mires may disappear completely. In an extension of the lore surrounding “The Visitor” (Blockbuster), it is even suggested that a time machine may be created. This would be a direct result of the map being consumed in part by the wormholes, and a time machine would be the only way to combat this.

But, as always in Fortnite, it is believed that something will go wrong with this process and therefore be resulting in old monuments and features to appear in Fortnite Season 5. The three civilizations mentioned so far are the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. These rifts and fractures in space and time are ever growing and as they expand, parts of history both future and past fall through to our current time. Could we see a Colosseum, Pantheon or Pyramid appear in Fortnite Season 5? Time (quite literally) will tell!


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