Fortnite Season 10 Trailer Leaked via Official Brazil Account

Fortnite Season 10 Trailer

It appears as though the official Fortnite Season 10 trailer has been leaked in full from Epic Games themselves, following a new tweet on the main Brazilian account for the popular Battle Royale.

Fortnite Season X Cinematic Trailer

The Fortnite Season X trailer has since been taken down, of course. But it was soon reposted by Twitter user ‘evaldokkkk‘, which was then discovered by dataminer @Lucas7yoshi. It’s important to note that this tweet shown below might not be up for much longer, especially if Epic Games notice it.

The trailer has only just surfaced, a short while after Epic Games released their fourth teaser for the game. It appears to be just over 55 seconds, which is similar to previous season cinematic trailers.

Although it has only recently been leaked, players can expect to see Epic Games officially post it to YouTube on August 1st at 9am BST – accompanied by the launch of Season 10.

It’s fair to say the trailer hasn’t been leaked in the best of quality, but that’s because no HD versions are available as of yet.

Despite its poor quality, we can gather Jonesy flying through space, while older seasons, weapons and events are also featured beside him. After he deployed onto the map, it appears as though the area around Dusty Depot is now frozen in time. It’s possible at launch the entire Fortnite Season 10 map will be frozen in time, and as we progress further it will gradually turn back to normal.

Most interestingly, the original tweet was accompanied by the translate caption “time is up”, seemingly provided a hint at what’s just aroudn the corner.

Fortnite update 2.30 is scheduled to launch on PS4, whereas patch v10.0 will launch on Xbox One and PC.

UPDATE – 5pm BST: Epic Games has now posted the official Fortnite Season 10 trailer to their social media accounts. The official name is now confirmed to be ‘Season X’.


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