Rocket Riding Will Be Staying – Fortnite Battle Royale Update #4

Rocket Riding Will Be Staying - Fortnite Battle Royale Update #4

During the Fortnite Battle Royale Update #4, Eric Williamson (lead system designer) talked about three new major features in the game – weapon changes, silenced smg and team killing. In addition he also talked about Fortnite Rocket riding and where it would be going in the future. Check out all the new changes and features coming to the game below.

Eric Williamson: “We also wanted to address some of the more creative things we’ve recently noticed, such as rocket and grenade riding which happened completely by accident.”

Furthermore, Eric then went on to say that the developers are fans of the unexpected feature and plan on supporting it as a proper addition to the game unless any game breaking issues are found.

Fortnite Battle Royale Update #4

They also announced some new changes and features which are being added:

  • Bush item drop rate decreased
  • New Silenced SMG added
  • Further action taken on Team Killing
  • Basic SMG damage and magazine size increased
  • Public Test Server

Lastly, the developers also announced that they’ll be tweaking the accuracy and power of certain weapons due to fan reports. Although mistakes can easily be made in this process, especially when not all fan reports are accurate, nevertheless it’ll be interesting to this how this plans out.

Let us know in the comments below any new features you’d like to see added into Fortnite Battle Royale.

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