Fortnite Battle Royale Playground LTM v2 | Here’s What’s New

Fortnite Playground Mode v2

One of the most popular LTM’s (Limited Time Mode) has just returned to Fortnite Battle Royale. Of course, we are talking about the highly beloved Playground Mode. Originally being added to the game in Season 4 of Fortnite (June 27th, 2018) it is safe to say that it had a somewhat turbulent of starts. With the majority of the fanbase wanting to experience this new “custom/private” game mode, the servers suffered matchmaking errors which resulted in Epic Games having to enforce some downtime.

Whether this was purely technical problems or smart marketing, the community was hyped around the new Playgrounds mode. Even though there had been only around 4 initial hours of actual playtime, Fortnite’s subreddit and social media alike were ablaze with the Playgrounds mode hashtags and posts. For a period of 5 days, Epic Games worked on fixing and optimising the Playground mode. Throughout this time they thankfully kept us adequately updated and informed via the @FortniteGame twitter. The date of the amended release was July 2nd 2018, and almost all Fortnite players instantly fell in love with this LTM.

Fortnite Playground mode v2

The appeal and attraction were centred around the ability to play private and custom games with your friends (4 players per game). This, for me at least, felt reminiscent of the early “1 v 1 me in Rust” days, where friends could settle their grievances in a friendly yet competitive environment. With about an hour per match (including storm time) and increased resource gathering the Playgrounds mode allowed players of all abilities to play together, practice shooting and perfect building. To further increase the already surging excitement around this LTM, Epic Games stated that it would eventually be a permanent mode/fixtre within the game!

What is New in Playground Mode v2

Until it officially gets added as a staple mode withing Fortnite, we will be trying it out over improved iterations as Limited Time Modes. The second of which has just gone live today! Therefore it is being known online as Playground Mode V2 (Version 2) and is packed full of improvements, to make this already marvellous game, even better.

Playground mode build

The additions and changes are listed below and serve to optimise the fun and balance experienced whilst in Playground mode.

  • Before it was a free-for-all system. But now a player is able to switch in-game to their desired team. (Voice chat will still remain across all players on the map).
  • Aim assist will now work. This is only triggered when aiming at a player who is part of an opposing team.
  • Matches will continue to play, even if someone needs to back out of the match/server.
  • All ATK’s (Golf Carts) will spawn 100% of the time at all locations.
  • Ammo amounts that can spawn have been increased to up to 10x the usual amount.
  • Grey vending machines will no longer spawn and the spawn rate for higher colour vending machines has been boosted.
  • Bounce and launch pad spawn rate has been increased.
  • When gliding or spawning in, the gliders/umbrellas will deploy closer to a surface. This allows you to get back into the action quicker.
  • The amount of rockets a player can carry has been increased to a max of 60 per person.
  • The drop rates for rocket ammo has also been increased.
  • 100 supply drops have been added, to further fuel the chaos.
  • Chests will no longer spawn just 1 or 2 weapons but will spawn in 3 weapons, more ammo and more consumables.
  • Where floor loot is found, there will be 3 items in the spawn location.
  • Slurp Juice and Chug Jug have had their spawn rates also boosted, whilst bandages have had theirs decreased.
  • Chug Jugs can now be found on the floor instead of only in chests, supply drops and lamas.
  • Can now respawn back into the map only 3 seconds after your death. Previously there was a 10-second cooldown.

Playground Mode Details/Rules

For those of you who may be new to the Playground mode or Fortnite in general, this particular Limited Time Mode has a unique set of features and details. Some have previously been mentioned but a basic run-through is that within this LTM players

  • Can drop into the map either on their own to practice or with up to 3 other friends (4 players max)
  • Game mode last for an hour (55 minutes with a 5-minute storm window)
  • Resources from objects and structures can at gathered 10x of that in a standard game mode
  • 100 lamas can be found across the map
  • All chest and ammo spawn locations will be there 100% of the time

Many players will use this Limited Time Mode as a great way to play with their friends online. Sniper battles, build offs, hide and seek and Gun Game is a few personal favourites we like to play!

The only limitations to the minigames and fun that can be achieved within the Playground mode are your imagination, so get out there and enjoy!


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