Next Week’s Fortnite Update Item Has Allegedly Been Leaked Already

Next Week's Fortnite Update Item Has Allegedly Been Leaked Already

The newest Fortnite update item is due to be added next week. Twitter user @FNBRLeaks has leaked the item online. With Season 5 just beginning we can expect to see lots of new items in the game.

Next Week’s Fortnite Update Item

Entitled ‘Pool Floaty’ the latest item should allegedly be included into the game next week. The leak provides a description for the item: ‘Inflatable pool floaty. Poke a hole to send yourself flying!’.

From the description it seems like the item could be similar to the tires that are dotted around the map. The tires act as a sort of trampoline for players when they jump / land onto them as they propel the player into the air.

As the description hints that you have to make a change to the item (poke a hole), they could be similar to the fire hydrants. These work like the tires except you have to first hit the hydrant with your axe. By doing so water is released which shoots the player upwards.

According to the leak, the item will be of ‘legendary’ rarity. Due to it being given a rarity rating, it suggests the item will be a loadout option – rather than dotted around the map. In this case, it is most likely that the pool floaty item will function like the jetpacks that were introduced in Season 4.

Other New Items

Season 5 has brought many new things into the Battle Royale mode. Aspects such as toys (basketball and golf games), the new driveable dune buggies and the transporting rifts are all new additions.

Players are already having a lot of fun with the dune buggies – especially when dropping into the new Desert location. They’re very handy for escaping from the storm! For a handy escape from a gun battle, players can use the rifts to send them back up into the air – almost like a launchpad.

The new allegedly leaked Fortnite update item appears to be something we won’t have seen before, much like the other new additions. Although, unicorn floaties seem to be very on-trend right now. Could Fortnite follow suit and make the ‘pool floaty’ a unicorn? Or do we suspect it could just be a bog-standard beach floaty? We shall have to wait and find out!


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