New Fortnite Weapons Leaked – Quad Launcher, Flamethrower & More

New Fortnite Weapons

With a new update incoming, new Fortnite weapons follow. According to leaks, these weapons will include the Quad Launcher, Flamethrower and Suppressed Assault Rifle. However, it is not certain that they will all be included in tomorrow’s v5.30 update.

New Fortnite Weapons

Data-miners have found files that suggest that Save The World-only weapons will be coming to Battle Royale.

The files for the Quad Launcher appear to be under:

  • Weapons
    – Abilities
    – Quad Launcher
    – Thrower

Titled as ‘Military Rocket’, ‘Ranged Military Launcher’ and Military Launcher Damage’; this weapon may be similar to the guided missile.

As for the Flamethrower, there is not much information. According to the files, the weapon is classed as an LMG. It will also use medium bullets. However, it is assumed that these files will be subject to a lot of changes before being introduced into the Battle Royale mode.

The files that are shown for the ‘Thrower’ indicate that it could either spray fire or lava. One of the codes shows ‘VolcanicPitThrower_Lava’, whilst another states ‘Ranged_Thrower_Flame’.

As for the suppressed assault rifle, there is definitely more information.

Key points:

  • Description as ‘an Assault Rifle that fires tight bursts that allow for precise targeting in mobile mid-range engagements’.
  • Epic and Legendary rarity
  • Damage: 33
  • Fire Rate: 5.5
  • Magazine Size: 30
  • Reload Time: 2.07 seconds
  • Medium Bullets

According to StormShield.One the Flamethrower will give off only 28 impact damage. On the other hand, the Quad Launcher will do 84 damage but 2200 impact damage.

However, as the information is still very new and rather limited we are not certain of any of these facts.

Other v5.30 Leaks

There are always leaks when it comes to a new update. Other leaks include new skins, emotes, backpacks and pickaxes. The new skins that are coming to the game include male and female Hippie skins (Dreamflower & Far Out Man). In addition to this, there are also skins named ‘Musha’, ‘Hime’, ‘The Ace’, ‘Ravage’, ‘Scorpion’ and ‘Armadillo’.

Furthermore, there will be four new gliders that match up to the new skins. These include ‘Blaze’ which will match up to the two new biker-esque skins (Chopper & Backbone). Other gliders include ‘Flappy’, ‘Purrfect’ and ‘Tie-dye Flyer’.


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