New ‘Mounted Turret’ Weapon Coming Soon to Fortnite Battle Royale

New Mounted Turret Coming Soon to Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games has updated their in-game news feed for Fortnite Battle Royale with the new ‘Mounted Turret’ weapon.

The description reads the following: “Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat.”

New ‘Mounted Turret’ Weapon – Fortnite

Whilst details of this upcoming addition are still very vague, we can get a rough idea of what this all-new Mounted Turret weapon will be about. If we go by its short description, it seems that this new weapon will be a turret which can be placed on the ground and then you’ll have the ability to jump in and fire bullets around you.

One thing to take note of is that you’ll “hop in” the Turret. Therefore, if this new feature does not allow you turn 360 degrees, you may find yourself in a precarious and very vulnerable position to other players. So, we would certainly recommend being cautious of where you place the weapon.

Previously, in the v6.21 update numerous weapons were vaulted, including the Semi-Auto Sniper, Dual Pistols, and the Guided Missile. Those particular weapons were most likely vaulted to provide space for the upcoming Mounted Turret.

Release Date

There is currently no official information regarding the release of this item. However, if we follow the pattern of previous in-game announcements, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll see the launch of this in the upcoming patch. The upcoming update will most likely arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Usually, major new additions such as this are leaked via trustworthy data-miners. However, it appears that this is an exception as not one single bit of information regarding this weapon had been made public.

Stay tuned for additional details regarding the Mounted Turret. It’s likely new information will arise within the next few days, as we approach its release.


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