New Light Machine Gun Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Light Machine Gun

Epic Games have updated the in game news feed to feature a Light Machine Gun. This New Fortnite Battle Royale LMG weapon has a fast rate of fire, large magazine, and slow reload.

The description states that the weapon has a fast rate of fire and large magazine similar to the mini gun. The weapon does have a slow reload, which would most likely be longer than a bolt action sniper as the weapon will have so much power.

You could expect it to be in the Legendary and Epic rarity’s as the mini gun and snipers are also in the category. (Rare bolt action sniper not counted) Majority of weapons with slow reload are more powerful, therefore making them ranked in the best rarities.

Light Machine Gun Tripod Stand:

There have been some rumours and concepts that the Light Machine Gun will make your character lay down. As you can see in the image above it has a sniper tripod stand, this could mean you place the gun down on the ground or on a structure.

Delay time for the Light Machine:

More rumours say that the weapon itself will do a lot of power but with a lot of delay time before and after certain actions. For example, the time it would take you to lay down and get back up, as it states in the description the weapon also has a slow reload speed. This weapon looks and sounds epic, but will all the delay time ruin it?

Straight hit with this new weapon:

Some of the Fortnite community have some ideas of how this new weapon will work. With bolt snipers and crossbows you have to aim a little above the target you want to hit, making the shots fall as they travel further into the distance. However, when you shoot a scoped assault rifle the bullet is on target and travels straight meaning you don’t have to aim above the target.
Epic Games haven’t announced or hinted the concept if there will be an animation implemented into the game with this weapon, but with some pretty big theories going around with meteors hitting Fortnite Tilted Towers Epic could be bringing some big changes this week in update v.3.5.2.


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