Fortnite update v3.5.2 Patch Notes – LMG weapon & 50/50 v2 mode

Fortnite Update v3.5.2 - LMG, 50vs50

We finally have the long-awaited Fortnite update v3.5.2 being rolled out. Despite many rumors over the last few weeks, it is now looking more and more likely that Tilted towers may survive (at least until the end of season 3).

What’s NEW in the FORTNITE update v3.5.2 (Patch Notes)


As has been showcased in the news menu and all over social media, today is the day we shall all experience the latest and greatest weapon to be added within the Battle Royale Arsenal – The LMG (Light Machine Gun).

So what information do we know?

  • Its variants include RARE (Blue) and EPIC (Purple)
  • It can be found either randomly on the floor, within one of the chests or on a vending machine
  • It fires medium ammo, and is considered an assault weapon so will fire medium sized bullets
  • It can hold up to 100 bullets in a magazine, which fits the typical model of an LMG, but will have a slow reload time to balance out this weapon (5 seasons per clip)
  • This weapon will have a massive bloom/spread but can be counterbalanced by shooting from a static position

New LMG Fortnite Update v3.5

50/50 Version 2 (Limited Time Mode)

In the patch notes, more specifically the V3.5.2 update, we can also see that the newest LTM (Limited Time Mode) 50/50 V2 will be going live. Running from now until around the 22nd April, it is safe to say that most players are hyped about the changes this second version of this mode will bring.

The rules, stat changes, perks, bugs and fixes are as follows

  • There are two buses full of 50 players each, with blue representing you and your allies and red representing the enemy bus and players
  • From the very start of the game, the location for the final end storm circle is clearly marked, so this provides you with an option to scavenge further afield or stay close to the end zone.
  • Both teams will be given 10 minutes to loot and gather as many weapons, ammo and resources as possible, before the final 10 minutes of fighting (final 5 minutes will see the storm shrink to end) – all matches will be no more than 20 minutes in length
  • Every 2 minutes we will see supply drops fall in groups of 3 to 6 but will only land in the “end circle” so again this may influence your decision as to where you wish to land
  • A dotted line will act as a visible marker on the map, if you choose to cross this more the final 10 minutes then you will likely run into the red enemy team

Loot spawn and drop rates have been significantly boosted as well for this mode

  • Chances of loot found on the floor have been increased by 15%
  • Floor loot will spawn in double the ammo and triple the ammo when taken from an ammo box
  • Treasure chests will give players double the consumables and double the ammo
  • Supply drops will also contain an extra consumable, resource drop, trap and double the ammo
  • Resources (Wood, Stone, Metal) can now be farmed in greater quantities with a 75% boost to the gather rates

Fixes to bugs in the first version of 50/50 include

  • Even spread of teams, so no now the team will experience have more than 50 members
  • When down, a player will only lose a larger amount of health than in the standard Battle Royal modes (10 health per tick)

One thing is for sure, Epic games do not hesitate when it comes to adding new content for players. Whether this is new weapons, fixes and balances, fantastic new modes or simply adding to previous iterations and fan favourites, we will be sure to keep you covered with all the latest and greatest news here at Gaming INTEL.


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