NEW Fortnite Skin – Tomatohead and Axeroni Pickaxe

New Fortnite Skin - TomatoHead

Often showcased by Epic Games, we once again are presented with another stunning set of skins, backpacks and pickaxes. It seems that almost every week players have the to option to adorn a new Fortnite skin in-game via the use of V-bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency).

A primary reason for the success and growth of Fortnite over the last 8 months, or so, is due to the game being totally free. This allows players who wish to purely experience the gameplay alone the option to. But for those of us who like a little “something fancy”, aesthetic only additions are the way forward. Not only does this provide players with the option to customise their character, but also creates a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

New Fortnite Skin & Pickaxe

It is generally accepted, amongst the Fortnite community, that these in-game add-ons are a perfect asset. Bearing no effect on the actual gameplay, these items are all totally cosmetic. This week we have been truly spoilt, with possibly one of the most unique skins to date… The TomatoHead Outfit! This new Fortnite skin is stylised around the iconic Pizza joint in Tomato town, we have this bright orange and green outfit, with the classic landmark Tomato as a headpiece.

fortnite tomatohead skin

In addition to this, we have the “pizza delivery box backpack” which acts as the perfect topping to this already delicious ensemble. This comes with the TomotaHead skin, which is Epic (Purple) in rarity and can be purchased for 1,500 v-bucks.

fortnite pizza delivery backpack

However, with all these pizzas and food-based items, this look would not be complete without a pickaxe to match. But fear not, Epic games have this covered (of course). Introducing the pizza cutter pickaxe, aptly named “Axeroni”. Although in shape, it is slightly different to the traditional dimensions of a pick-axe, its hit-box will be the same as all others. Whether you are simply a collector or you wish to complete the look, this pickaxe will surely slice through wood, stone and metal like its butter (or pizza to be more precise). This can be purchased for an additional 800 v-bucks in this shop.

fortnite axeroni

At the time of writing, there is currently 1 day remaining of its presence in the shop and we cannot say when these unique additions may return. Much like the Halloween Skeleton skin, which many want to see return, this too may be a super rare skin. Unless you are willing to wait, potentially, months to see its return, be sure to head on over to the shop and grab your items now. For anyone who wants to grab themselves this new Fortnite skin, but doesn’t yet own the game, head on over to Epic Games to grab a copy of the game for free. Or if you are a console player head online to the Xbox live or PSN store now.


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