NEW Fortnite Limited Time Game Modes – Coming Soon

NEW Fortnite Limited Time Game Modes - Coming Soon

The new season has arrived, we’ve received our new patch and gun, and now it’s time to get some New Fortnite Limited Time Game Modes (LTMs). We’ve had some awesome ones in the past including 50v50, Sneaky Silencers, High Explosives, Sniper Shootout and Shooting test #1. The communities reaction has been enormous with a love for these modes and people have even been suggesting new LTM’s to be added. Fortnite has listened and have been working on new LTMs for us to play, they’ve already announced some, teased some and even accidentally let one slip.

Fortnite Limited Time Game Modes

  • Blitz Mode: Which will be quicker matches and faster circles, so I hope you’re ready for quick fights and lots of running.
  • Drop into the first circle: You start in the first circle.
  • Less time between circles: Quicker circle times, so loot quick, fight fast and stay on your toes.
  • 50v50 v2: This is much different from the previous version where you landed where ever you wanted to and it was just teams of 50 running around. This time the map will be split in half, with a a battle bus on each side, and a wall to separate the sides with a timer counting down. Then the wall falls and the fighting begins. Another change to the game mode is you’ll be able to see your squad of 50 on the map as well. The goal will be able to loot fast and build up your defenses and then wait for the wall to fall and fight it out until there’s a victor.
  • Floor is Lava: No touching the ground in this one.

Epic Games has said: “We are planning to quickly spin up a dozen or so LTMs, some of these may be more straightforward (e.g. along the lines of Sniper Shootout, Sneaky Silencer etc.).” So we will have many to look forward to in the future.


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