New Fortnite iOS Update Patch Notes, Here’s What’s New

New Fortnite iOS Update

In addition to the release of Season 8, it appears iOS has also received a host of other changes. In a recent tweet, Epic Games have confirmed a new Fortnite iOS update, as well as providing the patch notes.

New Fortnite iOS Update Patch Notes

Recently, an array of players have been experiencing the following issues on Fortnite iOS. Thanks to the latest patch, these have now been resolved.

Pickaxe Damage

Firstly, the latest Fortnite iOS update has addressed issues with Pickaxe Damage. This was a major concern for some players and the vast majority will be very happy to see this fixed.

Metal Acting Like Lava

With the release of Season 8, a new Volcano made its way into the game. On Mobile for iOS, however, a variety of players encountered a host of issues since this aspect of the map was added. As as result, metal started acting like lava, which was obviously not planned from Epic Games.

Auto Sprint

Furthermore, users also experienced a large number of problems with Auto Sprint. Unintentionally, players found themselves automatically sprinting while facing an opponent during the middle of a battle.

In order for players to download the latest Fortnite iOS update, they’ll need to visit the Apple app store, where a new patch will be pending.

Additional Issues

The release of this patch has also prompted fans to express some of their concerns with other aspects of the game.

As seen above, one Twitter user noted an issue which they’d like to see fixed, where their player jitters across the lava.

Alongside backlash from players, many fans also mentioned that they’d like to see some of the fixes made occur on console and PC.

Which problems have you been experiencing recently? Are there any in-game issues which are really bugging you? Let us know in the comments below.


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